Why on earth would any dad kill their child?

Christopher Foster killed his wife and 15 year-old daughter last month, then killed himself and burnt their mansion down.

Then this week we hear that David Cass from Southampton murdered his two little girls and then committed suicide.

The first man is reported to have had financial problems, the second was apparently depressed at his marriage breaking down and not being able to be with his kids. In answer to their problems both men killed their children. How on earth did they come to the conclusion that was the right thing to do?

In the Daily Mail today Carol Quinn talks about the day she went round to her daughter Claire’s house to find her stabbed to death. Her grandchildren, Jade,7 and Keiren, 8 had been strangled. Even the family dog had been killed. And who was the murderer? Claire’s husband Phillip Austin, the children’s father. He’d even taken a £5,000 loan out in advance so that he could fund himself when he did a runner. He was arrested five days later and eventually given three life sentences.

Eight years later, Carol and her family still struggle to cope with what happened. But what about Phillip? Obviously he’s still in prison although it’s conceivable that one day he’ll be released. Should he be? What do you think?

And what on earth does he feel, eight years after he squeezed the life out of his children. Innocent little kids who had done nothing but love him in their short lives. Hopefully the guilt he must surely now feel will be his lasting punishment for such a terrible crime.