Would you eat animal poo?

If someone told you animal poo made wonderful coffee would you grind some down and drink it? Thought not. Neither would I. But apparently we could be missing out.

One of the world’s rarest coffees combines two of the rarest coffee beans – Jamaican Blue Mountain, which many of us will have heard of, and Kupi Luwak, which is said to be the most expensive coffee bean on the market.

Why? Well, it’s because something has already eaten it, digested it and passed it out the other end! In Indonesia an animal called a Palm Civet, which is a cross between a cat and a monkey, eats soft coffee cherries, digests them and poos them onto the forest floor. These are then collected by plantation workers. Now a store in London is selling this delicacy for £50 a cup! How much money would you have to waste before you spent fifty quid on a cup of s*** coffee?!

All is forgiven though, as the proceeds are going to charity, but I still can’t get over. Normally when someone says, ‘This coffee’s s***,’ it’s because there’s not enough milk in it, or it’s bitter. Not because it really is!!