X Factor Chloe Victoria’s ex: Give up ‘life of vice’ for our daughter

X Factor

contestant Chloe Victoria ‘Mafia’ Heald‘s ex boyfriend has spoken out about the young mum’s ‘life of vice’.

Ian Hough, 21, who is dad to Chloe’s 2-year-old daughter Destiny, admitted he and Chloe got into trouble when they were teenagers with the police, but says he’s horrified that Chloe’s alleged to have been working as a £250-an-hour hooker since their break-up in June.

‘I started to neglect Chloe after Destiny was born,’ Ianreveals. ‘Instead of being there for her, I started to go out with my mates. Then I cheated and she found out.

‘I’m not proud of our behaviour in the past but we’ve both got to start
acting like adults now. Destiny needs good role-models in her life.

‘If Chloe wants to carry on as a prostitue the best thing she can do is let me look after Destinyfull-time. If she refuses I’ll fight.’

In an interview with News of the World, Ian said that unless Chloe cleans up, he will go through the courts to get custody of Destiny.

But the 20-year-old has denied claims she’s been working as a £250-an-hour prostitute.

‘I’ve done a lot of bad things but one thing I’m not is a prostitute,’ she told the Daily Mirror.

‘There are fake websites about me saying I’m selling myself but they’ve taken
pictures from my Facebook.’

Chloe is now out of The X Factor after being eliminated at boot camp. Although she turned up ‘smelling of vodka’ after an all-night party, she was booted from the competition because her voice just wasn’t strong enough.

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