X Factor fake?

As well as loving the terrible auditions at the beginning of any series of X Factor, we must admit we do also enjoy a good sob story.

Remember Alan Turner from Saturday’s show? He came on and told the judges all about his hard life being raised by foster parents. He claimed his reason for going on the show was to encourage his real family to get in touch and to prove to them he wasn’t a waste of space.

The judges were impressed with his audition and put him through to boot camp.

So, a lovely end to a heart-felt tale?

Maybe not.

A man claiming to be Alan’s biological father has gone to the papers saying he spoke to his son only five weeks ago and that he was actually brought up by his Gran! Another relative has also spoken out, saying, ‘His mam and dad have always been there for him. He’s invented this sob story just to dupe the judges into putting him through’.

Oh dear. If these stories are true, Alan’s X Factor dream may be over before it’s begun. We can’t imagine Simon Cowell (or the voting public) are going to let him get away with that.

Watch Alan’s audition again below. Is it us, or does it not seem as good now we know ‘the truth’?

(We also thought you may like to watch the woman with the cavernous mouth again, just for a laugh!)