X Factor finalist Katie Waissel: I said “sod it” because I was so frustrated

X Factor finalist Katie Waissel shocked viewers when she slumped to the floor on stage during Sunday night’s sing-off with Treyc Cohen and said, ‘Sod it’.

Treyc’s fans hoped the blonde singer was about to give up, but Katie had simply forgotten the words to her song.

‘When I said “sod it’ that wasn’t me giving up,’ she tells Metro. ‘That was just me trying so hard to get across the meaning of the lyrics as they meant so much to me.

‘It was more frustration.’

Katie’s father has also defended his 24-year-old daughter, who he says is having a tough time.

‘She’s gone through a hell of a lot over the last three months,’ he told LBC 97.3 host Nick Ferrari.

‘Maybe she felt that that was her way of expressing herself.’


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