X Factor voting stats released

The X Factor 2011 voting statistics have been released and have provided some shocking results.

Despite finishing in 5th place, Irish singer Janet Devlin actually topped the public vote the most times, finishing in first place for the first 4 weeks of the live finals.

Little Mix and Amelia Lily were the only other acts to top the public vote over the course of the series. Finalist Marcus Collins never topped the vote but came in 2nd place for 2 out of the 10 weeks.

Little Mix were crowned the winners of The X Factor 2011 in a tense final last night.

X Factor voting stats:

Week 1

(No public vote)

Week 2

Love and heartache songs

1st: Janet Devlin

2nd: The Risk

3rd: Sophie Habibis

Last: Nu Vibe (sent home)

Week 3


1st: Janet Devlin

2nd: Johnny Robinson

3rd: Misha B

Last: Kitty Brucknell (Sami Brookes sent home)

Week 4


1st: Janet Devlin

2nd: Little Mix 

3rd: Craig Colton

Last: Misha B (Sophie Habibis sent home)

Week 5

Club classics

1st: Janet Devlin

2nd: Marcus Collins

3rd: Misha B

Last: The Risk (Sent home with Johnny Robinson)

Week 6

Queen and Lady Gaga

1st: Amelia Lily

2nd: Janet Devlin

3rd: Little Mix

Last: Misha B (Kitty Brucknell sent home)

Week 7


1st: Little Mix

2nd: Misha B

3rd: Janet Devlin

Last: Craig Colton (Sent home after deadlock vote)

Week 8

Guilty Pleasures/Heroes

1st: Amelia Lily

2nd: Little Mix

3rd: Marcus Collins

Last: Misha B (Janet Devlin sent home)

Week 9 

Motown/Songs to Get You to the Final

1st: Little Mix

2nd: Marcus Collins 

3rd: Amelia Lily

Last: Misha B (Sent home)