You can’t choose your colleagues

I’ve realised that the people I work with are really quite strange. Obviously I’ve known this for a while, but today I’m convinced of it. It is now an undisputable fact.

Here’s a selection of conversations from our office today:

– When you eat bananas, do they sometimes taste of onions?
– No, sometimes like carrots, but not onions…

– You know when they put bulldog clips on models to make the clothes look nicer? I wish there were invisible ones I could wear without anyone knowing.

– That man over there… He looks just like Phillip Schofield. Shall I ask him how Gordon the Gopher is?

– The problem is, my granddad’s 84 and he doesn’t want to have sex any more, but my nan’s 70 and she still does.

And it’s not just crazy conversations, either. Everyone’s got their own weird habits too… Rob drinks about half a swimming pool worth of water every day, Louise makes 1,000 cups of tea, Jolene needs sugar mid-afternoon or she can’t function at all, Jen taps her fingers on her desk when she’s concentrating really hard and Beth sits cross-legged on her chair without her shoes on.

Yes, we’re an odd bunch, but I bet we’re not alone. What do your colleagues do at work that’s strange?