You didn’t want Laura to go

88% of you don’t think Laura should have been kicked off the X Factor on Saturday night.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have helped but notice that Laura White was voted off the X Factor last weekend, and no one seems very happy about it.

Mariah Carey was so impressed when she sang for her that she said she had ‘no notes’ and she was the bookies favourite to win the show, but Laura still ended up in the bottom two and three of the four judges chose Ruth to stay over her.

But, the people are fighting back! Over 13,000 fans have signed a petition to get her back on the show.

We were just as shocked as the rest of the country when she was voted into the bottom two – but everyone seems to be forgetting that it was the public that put her there in the first place! Although we must confess, we didn’t actually get round to voting on Saturday and have now signed the petition.

Much of the criticism has landed in Louis Walsh’s lap, as he was the judge with the deciding vote, but he’s standing by his choice, saying, ‘Laura was in the bottom two, her performance was bad and her styling even worse’.

Click on the clip below to watch Laura singing for survival with Somewhere Over the Rainbow again. We have no idea what Louis is talking about – we thought it was pretty good – what about you?