You’re so pretty when you smile!

Beauty can often be a serious business. Scary adverts tell us about how badly we’re going to age if we don’t use their magical cream full of penta-pixie-peptides, or whatever. And sometimes just the name of a product looks like the notes of a science class.

So, it’s great when a beauty brand have a little fun with their products – because really, beauty should put a smile on our faces, not a frown!

Here are some of my favourite funnies:

Bliss Underarmy – A fresh-scented deodorant.

Bliss The love handler – A lotion that claims to target your love handles and other wobbly areas with firming ingredients.

Soap & Glory Endless Glove Hand Mask – If your hands are seriously dry and cracked this’ll smooth them in no time.

Soap & Glory Flirtigo┬« Body Moisturising Mist – For sexy skin that’s soft and has that dewy glow.

Anatomicals Eye Gel – No old bags allowed – Just a great, cooling eye gel that makes no secret about what it can do and who for!

Anatomicals Foot Cream – Cheese release me – If this doesn’t raise a smile, nothing will.

No-one enjoys their period, so anything that lifts you out of that grump-fest is welcome. Moxie is a new range of sanitary towels and tampons in glamorous packaging and honest statements on the boxes, such as: ‘We should tell you now that this pad isn’t going to make you want to wear white pants and frolic on the beach. Pads, periods really aren’t that glamorous. But what we can tell you is that we’ve thought long and hard about how we can make your daytime pads as comfortable, as convenient and as stylish as pads can be.’

Apester Lazyload