Your favourite things on goodtoknow this week

What a week! Here’s what have been your favourite things on goodtoknow over the past seven days…

You’ve mainly been trying the South Beach Diet. Is it working? We’d love to know. You’re taking most of your recipe ideas from our chicken recipes special, with the most popular recipe from there being barbecued chicken with guacamole (though there’s not much chance of trying that out in this weather!).

Speaking of weather, lots of you have been suffering from heat rash and sought advice from our doctor. Thankfully it didn’t seem to affect your sex life as loads of you enjoyed reading our Kama Sutra feature, with Indrani proving the most popular position. And it must be working out, because your favourite family feature was ovulation date calculator!

You also loved our very cheeky Mitchell Moments on video and Anna’s cat clips (more of those soon).

Enjoy the weekend and if there’s anything else you’d like us to feature on goodtoknow, send us an email or a comment. We’re always happy to hear from you.