Zöe Lucker nearly quit Strictly!

Zöe Lucker nearly quit before the opening night of Strictly Come Dancing

The actress was so crippled by nerves in rehearsals that she thought she’d have to pull out before the show went on air.

Instead, thanks to pep talks from her fiancé, Zöe soldiered on to take part in her first group dance, although she dreaded having to perform solo for the first time.

‘The real fear is starting to sink in,’ Zöe, 35, exclusively tells Now. ‘I’m way out of my comfort zone and it’s taking me for ever to learn the dance steps. I’ll even wake up at 3am thinking: “What comes next?”‘

Zöe confesses that her fiancé James Herbert is the reason she’s still in the competition.

‘I couldn’t have done it without him,’ she smiles. ‘For the first week or so I was coming home saying: “I can’t do this!” and he’d reassure me that as long as I did my best, that was all that mattered.’

It’s Zöe’s first job since giving birth to Lilly a year ago, so she’s juggling motherhood as well as her dance steps.

But the training has already paid off. ‘My legs are stronger and I’ve changed shape,’ she admits.

‘I know Rachel Stevens went down two dress sizes, so if I stay in that long it may be inevitable!’

See the full interview about Strictly Come Dancing with Zöe Lucker in Now magazine dated 28 September 2009 – out now!

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