10 best stomach exercises to try at home

Get a toned tummy the easy way with our round-up of the stomach exercises - you can fit loads of these into your every day routine for a flat tum, fast!

Hands up who’d like a flat stomach? Yep, we thought so. Sadly, for all
of us who don’t find the idea of sweating at the gym and running around
in the cold all that appealing, stomach exercises really are one of the
best ways to lose belly fat fast.

we have good news – stomach exercises don’t have to be tricky! There’s
no need for a personal trainer or even a gym membership with all our
easy stomach exercise ideas.

A few simple flat stomach exercises
at home will shift the flab so you’ll feel more confident in your
favourite jeans and tops. And, come summer, you’ll want to show off your
flat stomach in that bikini on the beach just like the celebs. All it
takes is a bit of dedication and setting aside a little time every day
to devote to your abdominal exercises to see amazing results.

start toning up your tummy today with these easy flat stomach
exercises. From dancing around the living room to the clever trick that
will make you look liked you’ve lost weight instantly, these flat
stomach exercises will give you a toned, flat tummy in no time at all!