10 of the best long-term diet plans

There are a lot of diets out there that promise that you’ll lose a stone in a month or even a week but for those of us who have long-term weight problems, a quick-fix diet just isn’t the answer.

Battling severe weight problems isn’t fun. It can ruin your self-esteem and it’s easy to think you’ll never be slim again. You might have tried several diets in the past that have been hard to stick to or just haven’t given you the results you’d hoped for, but don’t give up!

We’ve rounded up the best diet plans for women who need a bit more than to shift a post-Christmas bulge or tone up for their summer holiday.

Weight Watchers Discover Plan

Weight Watchers can be a good, quick diet fix but the Discover Plan is designed to change your attitude towards food and keep the weight off for good.

You’ll learn how to recognise when you’re really hungry, which foods will keep you full for longest and get loads of support from Weight Watchers experts and other members.

People, like Naomi Breeze, have been known to lose near to seven stone on the plan and it’s really changed their lives.

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Healthy Heart Diet

This plan is good for your overall health as well as helping you lose weight. On the Healthy Heart Diet, you eat a range of low-fat and high-fibre foods but the good news is, if you’re a woman who’s already been through the menopause, you’re encouraged to drink a little booze every day!

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Eat What You Like Diet

This option is a really good idea for first-time dieters who often underestimate how many calories they consume in a day. The Eat What You Like Diet or Nutracheck is an online food diary service that helps you keep track of your calorie intake as well as giving you handy lower calorie food swap ideas and access to a member’s forum where you can chat to other dieters.

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The chocolate and wine lover’s diet

Fancy losing weight whilst still enjoying wine and chocolate? Then this
could be the diet for you. This plan works on the idea that you are
allowed a certain amount of wine and chocolate per week but that the
rest of your diet must be made up of lots of protein and fresh,
low-calorie food.

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No-Crave Diet

We all crave foods like chocolate and crisps when we’re on a diet but
this plan works by weaning you off snacking and helping you to control
those calorific cravings so that not only will you lose weight, you’ll
maintain it too.

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The Lunch Box Diet

The idea of the Lunch Box Diet is to swap your mid-morning and
mid-afternoon snacks with a lunch box full of vegetables and
low-carbohydrate alternatives to your usual sugary treats. Hopefully it
will alter your eating habits long-term and re-train your mind and body
to enjoy healthy food so that you’ll start to crave healthier dinners
and breakfasts too.

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The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet works on the concept of balancing the amount of protein,
carbs and fats that you eat so that you keep your insulin levels within a
certain zone. By keeping within that zone your body will be encouraged
to burn fat more effectively. Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore are said
to be fans and if it’s good enough for them…

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Slimming World

The Slimming World Diet is a tried-and-tested weight-loss method that
has been around for 40 years. Officially it is a ‘food optimising eating
plan for life,’ which means that it is a low-calorie diet to you and

Rebecca Wheatley, the actress best known for playing Amy Howard, the receptionist in Casualty, lost an amazing 12 stone on the diet.

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The Hunger-buster Diet

This plan is great for helping you kick
your sweet and sugary cravings once and for all. The Hunger-buster Diet
works by making sure that you eat plenty of protein, which keeps you
fuller for longer as it takes three to eight hours to digest. Simple!

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