28 bargain perfumes that smell just like designer scents

These cheap perfumes are here to revolutionise your fragrance-buying life.

Just like the cheap candles that have taken inspiration from our high-end favourites, cheap perfumes bring us the same kind of thrill.

Few things can give you a boost as quickly as a squirt of your favourite perfume, but at around £50 a bottle they’re not usually cheap perfumes so a spritz can be costly – and if you’re anything like us, you’ll find yourself saving your scent for special occasions rather than enjoying it every day.

However, life is far too short to only wear perfume to parties, and so we’ve done some digging and found 27 cheap perfumes that smell just like posh designer brands. There are cheap perfumes dupes for Chanel, Jo Malone, Chloé, Dior, Marc Jacobs and more, you will not BELIEVE how similar these cheap perfumes smell (or how little they cost – at these prices, you can spray on as much as you like). Cheap perfumes are not to be sniffed at!

27 cheap perfumes that smell like designer scents

Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour, £3.99

Smells like: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, £77

cheap perfumes

Credit: Chanel / Lidl

Everybody loves a bit of Chanel and one of the brand’s most iconic fragrances has to be the Coco Mademoiselle.

With its blend of citrussy notes that open up into sweet florals and deep musks the spritz has become a cult classic.

And now bargain supermarket Lidl is selling a bottle that customers claim smells exactly the same as the French perfume house’s version.

Suddenly Madame Glamour uses a number of the same notes including, patchouli, tonka bean, vetiver, rose ylang-ylang and a number of citrusses to give the same feminine aroma as the Chanel favourite.

Avon Eve Truth, £14

Smells like: Marc Jacobs Daisy, £57

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Credit: Marc Jacobs / Avon

Marc Jacobs’ Daisy fragrance has become a modern icon, rivalling the likes of Chanel and Jo Malone favourites.

But now beauty service Avon has come out with their own fragrance and it smells exactly like it – for a quarter of the price.

Mixed by renowned French perfumer Laurent Le Guernec, who actually worked with Marc Jacobs to create their scent Splash Rain, the fragrance features notes of amber, gardenia, peony, and cedarwood for deep but feminine scent.

This has to be one of our favourite cheap perfumes.

Primark PS…LOVE Noir, £3.50

Smells like: Chanel Chance, £77

cheap perfumes

Credit: Chanel

After Chanel No5, Chanel Chance is one of the most iconic offerings from the legendary perfume house – but unsurprisingly, it’s not cheap.

Primark’s PS LOVE Noir promises to deliver a similarly floral and and musky scent – and the chic packaging will look just as good on your dressing table too.

cheap perfumes

Credit: Chanel

The high-street store is also selling a Rose version of their elegant fragrance, which is said to smell exactly like the rosy Eau Tendre edition of Chanel Chance. Ooh la la.

Primark %Me, £2

Smells like: Marc Jacobs Decadence, £49

cheap perfumes

Credit: Marc Jacobs

Primark’s purse-friendly %Me fragrance is said to evoke the sweet, woody and floral aroma of Decadence’s plum, amber, papyrus, jasmine and rose notes.

Fans have even taken to social media to rave about the uncanny similarity between the two scents, claiming that the high-street retailer’s offering is ‘an exact copy’ of the designer staple.

It might not look as good in your wardrobe as Marc Jacobs’ glam little handbag, but it’ll sure look a hell of a lot better on your bank statement.

Aldi 5th Element Eau De Toilette, £6.99

Smells like: Chanel No5, £110

cheap perfumes

Credit: Chanel / Aldi

As cheap perfumes go, this one is a winner.

Emulating the iconic perfume that sits on the dressing tables of women the world over, Aldi’s newest fragrance is made up of notes of rose and jasmine like its inspiration, to give it the classic womanly scent that is instantly recognisable.

Aldi Feminine Eau De Toilette, £6.99

Smells like: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, £113

cheap perfumes

Credit: Chanel / Aldi

If you were looking for cheap perfumes to rival Chanel, this is another one that you’re going to want to snap up.

Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle is a feminine classic, bought by those who want an expensive womanly scent without the strong aroma of the cult Chanel No5. With a woody and fruity fragrance, Aldi’s humble offering comes with the same expensive smell but without the hefty price tag. Win win!

Lidl Aura en Rose, £4.99

Smells like: Lancome La Vie Est Belle, £59

cheap perfumes that smell like designer scents lidl aura en rose lancome.

This bargain fragrance from the German supermarket has been compared to Lancome’s £89 La Vie Est Belle! When you can buy nearly 18 bottles of Lidl’s fragrance for the same price, you’d be silly not to try it!

Superdrug’s Body Mist Sprays, £3.49

Smells like: Paco Rabanne Olympéa, £80, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, £92 and Mugler Alien, £91

cheap perfumes superdrug olympea ysl alien

Superdrug shoppers have been raving about the brand’s body mist range on Twitter and many have compared them to some big fragrance brands. The Blossom body spray has notes of fresh rose and jasmine and has been likened to the popular Thierry Mugler fragrance, Alien. The Exotic body mist has been compared to Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium and the Paradise scent is said to smell just like Paco Rabanne’s Olympéa. Each body mist is 100ml and costs just £3.49, so not only are the bottles much bigger than the perfumes, they are a lot cheaper too!

Aldi’s Pomegranate Luxury Eau De Toilette, £5.99

Smells like: Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne, £88
ALDI cheap perfume

If you’re a fan of Jo Malone fragrances but not of their steep prices and are looking for cheap perfumes instead, you might want to stop by Aldi and get yourself one of their new Luxury Eau De Toilette.

They launched three scents including Lime, Basil & Madarian and Freesia & Pear, but it’s the Pomegranate that’s said to be inspired by Jo Malone’s Pomegrante Noir Cologne.

Costing less than £6, we think these cheap perfumes are worth a try…

Superdrug Bloom Mandarin and Lime Basil, £10

Smells like: Jo Malone Lime Mandarin and Basil, £44

The citrus-led lime and mandarin scent is considered to be Jo Malone’s signature, but even a 30ml bottle will set you back a pretty penny (and the price shoots up to £88 for 100ml).

Superdrug’s perfume dupe is said to have a comparable aura, with a much smaller price tag.

Accessorize LoveLily, £19

Smells like: Stella McCartney Pop, £54

The makers of this Accessorize perfume say it’s a dead ringer for Stella’s pricier scent, with floral notes accented with a hint of orange – making it perfect for carrying with you to freshen up throughout the summer months.

Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour, £3.99

Smells like: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, £49

In sniff-tests, Lidl’s incredibly cheap perfume often beats Chanel – and at one-tenth of the price of the high-end scent, you can definitely afford to pop it in your trolley.

Marks and Spencer New York, £18

Smells like: Chanel Allure, £52

Reviewers say that they’ve been told that M&S’s cheap perfume smells just like Chanel’s Allure – and most of them haven’t been disappointed.

£18 isn’t the lowest price perfume on the shelves, but compared with the cost of the pricier bottle, it’s certainly one to test.

Primark Pomegranate & Black Tea, £8

Smells like: Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne, £88

Primark might not have been your first thought when you considered where to purchase your next perfume, but shoppers swear that this £8 bottle bears a striking resemblance to Jo Malone’s rich, fruity fragrance.

At a tenth of the price for the same amount, it’s certainly worth a go…

Milton Lloyd Hawaii, £5

Smells like: Chloé, £45

The packaging of these two light, feminine scents is very different, but inside the bottle, the smell is remarkably similar – clean, floral, and very wearable.

We get our Milton Lloyd perfumes from their website, but you should look out for them in local discount stores too.

Zara Black Peony, £9.99

Smells like: Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb, £44.55

Zara have an amazing range of perfumes that start from less than £10.

This one has the same fruity, freesia smell as Viktor & Rolf’s less purse-friendly bottle.

Marks and Spencer Butterfly, £14

Smells like: Marc Jacobs Daisy, £38.50

If you’re a fan of Marc Jacob’s best-selling Daisy, you’ll probably love M&S’s Butterfly too.

It’s got that fresh, outdoorsy feel, although it’s slightly less woody than the original.

Next Just Pink, £8

Smells like: Ralph Lauren Romance, £39.99

Both these scents have a rich, rosy base that suits almost every woman – and from a distance, you couldn’t tell the packaging apart either…

Next Cashmere, £8

Smells like: Estée Lauder Sensuous Nude, £37

These pretty, powdery perfumes have a comparable luxurious, musky base – the bottles are equally lovely and we had a hard time telling the scents apart too.

We could, however, see a definitely difference in the price…

Marks and Spencer True Red Eau de Toilette, £12.50

Smells like: Hugo Boss Deep Red, £33

So much cheaper but just as orangey and earthy – even the name sounds the same!

These spicy scents are very much night-time perfumes – the slimmer M&S bottle is the ideal size for popping in your handbag.

Zara Rose, £7.99

Smells like: Dior J’adore, £46.50

Okay, so the Zara product won’t look quite as impressive on your dressing table, but on the skin, it really is almost the same thing, for a fraction of the price.

River Island London, £10

Smells like: Miss Dior Cherie, £46.50

Sticking with Dior, this River Island bargain bears more than a striking resemblence to the Miss Dior range – particularly the sadly now-defunct Cherie variation.

A great way to get your fix of a fragrance that’s not around anymore.

Milton Lloyd Stars, £5.00

Smells like: Thierry Mugler Alien, £39

Thierry Mugler might have the edge design-wise, but we can’t believe the Milton Lloyd version costs less than a fiver.

It smells pretty much identical and you’ll get just as many compliments when you’re wearing it!

Marks and Spencer Azure Breeze, £16

Smells like: D&G Light Blue, £42

Erm, we’re not just seeing double, we’re smelling double too, these fruity, cedar-rich scents are virtually indistinguishable.

If you loved Light Blue in the 90s, it’s totally worth reinvesting in a bottle of the M&S edition.

Next Gold, £8 (was £12)

Smells like: Yves Saint Laurent Cinema, £27.99

These gorgeous gold perfumes are just as Oscar-worthy as each other, and once you’ve sprayed them on, you’ll have trouble telling them apart.

Amber-led and full of blossom, either will smell great on your skin – it’s just that one costs twice as much as the other.

The choice is yours…

B&M Arome Mandarin, Lime & Basil, £4.99

Cheap Perfumes

Image: B&M/Jo Malone

Smells like: Jo Malone Lime, Basil & Mandarin, £94

Jo Malone’s signature scent will set you back nearly £100 but now high street bargain store B&M have released their own copycat version.

This fresh, zingy fragrance is perfect to wear for everyday and at that price you can use as much as you want without the worry of having to replace an expensive bottle.

B&M Arome Oriental Pomegranate, £4.99

Cheap Perfumes

Image: B&M/Jo Malone

Smells like: Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir, £94

Another Jo Malone inspired fragrance from the B&M Arome collection is the Oriental Pomegranate.

This 100ml bottle will leave you smelling of dark fruits like raspberries and plum with a hint of spice.

This scent is perfect to wear for an evening out.