30-day squat challenge

It’s spring, which can only mean one thing… summer’s on its way and it puts the same sense of panic in women countrywide.

Once again comes the realisation that our wobbly bits have got considerably wobblier since last year and all our summer clothes have (ahem) shrunk.

But fear not ladies, we’ve found something that can help you feel as proud of your body as you did in your twenties – or maybe even more so!

Its name? The 30-day squat challenge.

No longer will we peer backwards, awkwardly, into the mirror and weep as the orange peel spreads even closer to our knees. No longer will we cry ‘Whyyyyyyyy’ while looking at pictures of Beyonce’s exquisite derriere. Girls, it’s time to take action. You too can have a bum to be proud of and this is how to do it.

By doing a set amount of daily squats you will have a firmer, perkier backside within 30 days. We can’t promise it will be fun, or pain free, but we can promise your bum will become the pertest you’ve ever seen it. So fancy giving it a go? Start the 30 day squat challenge today and let us know how you get on! The way we see it, even if you only last a week, it must have done some good!

Your workout

How to do the perfect squat

1. Stand tall and position your feet hip-width apart.

2. Slowly lower down to the floor in a squat position until your thighs are parallel to the floor, or until your knees start to come over your toes – try to keep your tummy pulled in to protect your lower back.

3. Return to standing and repeat.