The 30-day tummy toning challenge

Ladies, we don't mean to panic you, but summer's here which can only mean one thing... bikini time!

Yes, the six-letter word that fills us with dread every year. And although every year we vow to get tummy toning in time for some summer skin-baring, yet again we’re no closer to feeling better about our bellies!

 Bring on the 30 day tummy toning challenge!

Having a trim tummy can make the world of difference to how you look and feel. Imagine being able to confidently wear figure-hugging tops? Not wanting to cover your belly with your handbag in the park? Actually looking forward to whipping your kaftan off on the beach… ?

It might seem like an impossible task, but with an easy to follow plan with proven results, losing belly fat really is in your reach. Yes. Yours!

And that’s where we come in. This year we’ve joined forces with personal trainer to the stars Kelly Du Buisson to bring you our new and absolutely exclusive 30-day Tummy Toning Challenge.

How is this different from all the abs challenges I’ve seen, we hear you cry? Our tummy toning challenge has been specially developed to be less strenuous, with more satisfaction! Kelly’s plan has been formulated 

to target the key areas of your tummy without any difficult to master moves, so that you can pick it up and incorporate the plan into your busy schedule easily.

So take control of feeling good this summer by committing to our 30-day Tummy Toning Challenge in June. Just download and print the plan following the link below, stick it to your fridge, to your wardrobe, above your tv – anywhere that will give you the determination you need to stay focused. We’ve even included photos of how to do each move, so you won’t get stuck. No expensive gym sessions or personal training plans needed!

And you might want to get that swimming costume at the ready. You’ll be feeling ready to bare this summer in no time!

Your challenge:

tummy toning

Download your own copy of the 30-day Tummy Toning Challenge here

The moves:

Follow Kelly’s simple steps to learn the easy 30-day Tummy Toning Challenge moves:

Move 1: Plank on elbows and knees

Make sure elbows are directly under shoulders and tuck tail bone under.

tummy toning

Move 2: Inch worm burpees

Place hands to floor and step one leg at a time back into a plank position. Then step one leg at a time back to hands and come to standing, reaching arms in the the air.

tummy toning

Move 3: Plank on elbows and toes
Curl toes under and lift hips and knees off floor. Push body weight forwards so your nose is in front of your fingers and pull in belly button.

tummy toning

Move 4: Full burpees
Place hands to floor and jump both legs back at the same time into plank. Then jump them back to hands before coming up to standing and jumping up, bringing feet off floor.

tummy toning

Move 5: Plank on hands and toes
Come all the way up on to hands making sure wrists are in line with shoulders and push forwards on toes.

tummy toning

Move 6: Burpees with press up
As above, but as you come into plank perform one press up, lowering nose towards floor and bending elbows, before jumping the feet back in and jumping up to ceiling. To make it easier, lower on to knees to perform press up.

tummy toning

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