5 things about… hidden germs

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Germs are unavoidable in any house, but with a good cleaning routine and consistent hygiene, you can reduce germs in your home.

1. What germs lurk around the house?

Even though you reckon you’ve scrubbed the house spotless, it could still be ost to thousands of nasties which can cause sickness, diarrhoea or salmonella.

2. What are the hotspots for bacteria?

Tests show a child’s high-chair may carry up to 1,500 times more germs than their potty! Wheelie bins may have three times the level of bacteria considered high risk for infection and a shower head 300,000 times more germs than door keys!

3. How far does a sneeze spray germs?

A single sneeze can spray droplets infested with bacteria and viruses as far as three feet! Viruses that most frequently cause colds – rhinoviruses – can actually live on surfaces for up to 2 days!

4. Where else do germs linger?

The kitchen counter has more germs than the toilet seat. Other troublespots include your toothbrush, TV remote control, computer keyboard and bath.

5. How can I keep bacteria at bay?

Help keep your home bacteria-free by washing your hands after going to the loo; storing, preparing and cooking food properly; laundering towels frequently. Use a disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses.

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