7 ways to make this year your best ever

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A new year is a great opportunity to make a start on some new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s making a pledge to yourself to be more confident, take up a new hobby, or spend some more time having fun with your family, we all have things we want to do but can’t always find time for in our busy daily lives. And when you are busy trying to fit all these exciting new activities in, the last thing you want is for bladder leaks to get in the way.

So if you’re one of the one in three women over the age of 18 who suffer from bladder sensitivity, why not make it your new year’s resolution to forget worrying about any little leaks and enjoy living life to the full?

Thanks to Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder, a range of products offering brilliant protection for bladder sensitivity, embracing your new year’s confidence mantra just got even easier!

People might not talk about it very often, but sensitive bladder is much more common than you might think! Despite this, many women suffer in silence, too embarrassed to talk about it even with their friends. If you’ve developed bladder sensitivity, there’s no need to worry. With Always Discreet for sensitive bladder, you can feel protected and in control again, meaning you can step into 2015 ready to make the most of every moment with nothing holding you back.

Here are some other ways to help you make boost your confidence and embrace the new year…

1) Love the skin you’re in

How often do you tell yourself just how amazing you are? We’re all guilty of focusing on the negatives, the things we wish we could change or that don’t quite measure up to the standards we set ourselves. Spend a few minutes a day thinking about what’s great about you and what you do or have that sets you apart from everybody else. See what’s beautiful about you and be thankful. Help yourself to feel good from the inside out by eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep and taking regular exercise, whether that’s jogging with your friends or signing up to a local dance class.
Wearing the Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder product that best suits your needs from the new range of liners, pads and pants will help you to feel confident and secure every day. Flexible, comfortable, with a unique highly-absorbent core, Always Discreet pads and liners for sensitive bladder are up to 40% thinner* than the leading brand, yet offer twice as much absorbency than you may need.** The pants thanks to their thin triple layer core offer up to 100% comfort and protection. Plus, all products have the exclusive OdourLockTM technology that neutralises odours continuously. So you can feel protected and in control whatever your day has in store for you.

2) Smile more

Top beauty experts say the biggest beauty boost ever is to… smile! It’s an instant facelift and makes us look and feel more attractive. Psychologists recommend it too, as, even if we’re feeling grumpy, it tricks our brains into releasing feel-good hormones, which actually make us happier. So set yourself a daily reminder to smile and laugh more and you’ll be amazed at how you soon take life’s little annoyances and stresses in your stride. And with Always Discreet for sensitive bladder you can now enjoy laughing with friends without fear of annoying little leaks.

3) De-stress for good

There are never enough hours in the day to tackle your to-do list, and despite our best efforts we all have stress in our lives. However, if it’s not kept in check it can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. Put some time aside every week to do something that relaxes you and helps to lower your anxiety levels. It could simply be taking time out to read a book in the bath, or you could sign up to a local yoga class. Yoga is a fantastic way to help your mind and body reach a relaxed state and lift your mood. How about trying 10 minutes of daily mindful meditation? This takes a bit of practice but it works wonders when it comes to achieving a more balanced and peaceful state of mind. Sit quietly, breathe deeply and focus on observing your thoughts and how your body feels.

4) Clear out your wardrobe

Fed up of that cluttered wardrobe that’s full of clothes that you haven’t worn in ages? Now’s the perfect opportunity to go through what’s on the rail and bag up anything you haven’t worn in the last year. Whether you plan to give the clothes to charity, sell them online or arrange a clothes swap with your friends, make a plan and see it through – don’t leave bags of unwanted clothes in the house, making more clutter. Once you’ve sorted them, reward yourself by treating yourself to some new items to replace them. Boost your confidence by embracing styles and trends you would usually shy away from. Always in dark hues? Now’s the time to add a splash of colour. Prefer to disguise yourself in baggy clothes? Try something more fitted, whether it’s a dress or a pair of slimlegged trousers.
Always Discreet for sensitive bladder liners and pads are up to 40% thinner* than the leading brand, so whether you’re slipping on a little black dress or trying out those brand new skinny jeans, you can feel secure and confident enough to dress how you please – and know that you look great!

5) Learn a new skill

When was the last time you challenged yourself to learn something new? A new year is the ideal opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something different. It could be learning a language, joining a choir, trying life drawing, or going back to college to study for a part-time degree, the list of possibilities is endless. Not only will it lift your confidence levels and broaden your mind, but it will also widen your social circle too. If you need that extra bit of support to help you embrace something new free from little worries, try Always Discreet for sensitive bladder. The complete range of liners and pads are up to 40 per cent thinner than the leading brand*and can still absorb up to 2x more**. This means they fit comfortably and discreetly under your clothes, whether it’s your stretchy yoga pants or the smart tailored trousers you’ve picked out for the first night of evening school….you never know where these new skills and interactions will lead…

6) Plan more with the family

When it comes to feeling revitalised, excited and relaxed, nothing beats escaping from your routine. Whether it’s planning a big family holiday or some family days out, getting out and about together and having fun as often as you can is priceless. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or go too far away from home – you could take the kids camping for a weekend at one of the UK’s top campsites, or take an educational day trip to a free museum.
There’s no need to let bladder sensitivity stop you from leaving home. Pack a supply of Always Discreet for sensitive bladder in your handbag to keep you feeling fresh, comfortable and confident wherever you go and whatever you do. All Always Discreet for sensitive bladder pads are individually wrapped, making them easy to carry around and perfect for discreet disposal.

7) Don’t let sensitive bladder hold you back!

There’s no need for sensitive bladder to impact your life. Whether you have occasional or frequent bladder sensitivity, there is an Always Discreet for sensitive bladder product for you.
To find the best product for your needs, try a variety of the Always Discreet for sensitive bladder range – you may even discover that you need different products depending on what your day demands, so you can manage bladder sensitivity with confidence and ease.

For more advice about bladder sensitivity, talk to your doctor. One in three women experience bladder sensitivity, so don’t feel embarrassed – it’s a common problem.
Go to alwaysdiscreet.co.uk to request your free Always Discreet for sensitive bladder sample.

(*Compares to the leading brand (percentage varies across line-up). **Based on average consumer loading.)