80s hairstyles you can’t believe you had

Was your 80s hairstyle¬†‘fashionable’? If so, you deserve some kind of medal for coming out the other side without being permanently damaged by the products you put on your head.

And we’re not just talking about the perm here. Because, as if that wasn’t bad enough, there was always something else equally as voluminous to try: back combing, crimping and teasing were all daily tasks that you just had to get done if you wanted to be fashion forward. Unfortunately the results weren’t always glamorous…

How many of these 11 styles did you try out?

1. The magestic mane

Your hair got so long you could sit on it and it was the envy of all your friends. If you had this haircut you were probably also a fan of lycra – the contrast in big hair and skin tight clothes was a real winner.

2. The overly-accessorised up-do

You wouldn’t be caught dead without your favourite bow/scrunchy/hairband securely in place. This was the hair-do of the 80s princess, if you were rocking this then there was no doubt you were also rocking neon-painted nails and a lot of jewellery.

3. The wedge cut

Image: Fashionista.com
Some of us just couldn’t pull off a perm, and that was ok thanks to this layered bob look which gave all the volume of a perm without any of the curl. There was a down side to this little baby though, it wasn’t easy on the hair-drier hours you had to put in.

4. The big hair/small fringe combo

Image: zoekarlismakeup.com
If Madonna was doing it then you were doing it, and that was that. Your small fringe probably took you the most time to get expertly combed though, you needed just enough forehead peeking through and a good bounce. This involved wetting it every morning and blow-drying into place.

5. The high half-pony (scrunchy mandetory)

The ultimate easy to achieve ‘do for all those of us who aren’t naturally gifted when it comes to hairstyling. Your scunchie was your statement piece and you owned one in every colour and pattern so that you could always match your hair accessory to your outfit.

6. The side ponytail

Image: seventeen.com
Why have a normal ponytail when you can have a side ponytail, it’s a no-brainer? This sleek and sophisticated style showed your statement earrings off to full effect.

7. The crimped locks

Image: hairstyletwist.com
If you had a crimper you were one lucky lady. Everyone wanted their hair to resemble¬†a poodle’s fur don’t you know.

8. The plaits, everywhere

Image: seventeen.com
The more plaits the better was the general consensus in the 80s. A very sophisticated look we think you’ll agree. If this was you, you probably considered yourself the leader of your pack, the fashion guru and style expert amongst your friends.

9. The questionable colouring

Image: deltasdazzlingcostumes
Never before had coloured hair been so popular, probably because it hadn’t been available before, but that’s another matter. Whichever colour you chose it had to be bright, make your hair straw-like and clash with your natural hair colour violently.

10. The mullet

Has there ever since been such a glorious hair trend? We think not. Business at the front, party at the back, this style had everything you could hope for. Both girls and boys were rocking this and if you donned a mullet then you probably thought you were pretty hardcore.

11. And of course, not forgetting… the perm

Image: profile.ak
If we had to pick just one hairstyle to sum up the decade it would have to be the perm. Celebrities everywhere were sporting this glorious mane-like ‘do and you had to get involved. You probably spent weeks saving up enough money to afford it but boy was it worth it.

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