Adele’s weight loss secrets: How the star lost more than a stone

In recent months it hasn't just been Adele's voice that's been grabbing people's attention. The star's new slimmer look hasn't gone unnoticed by her legions of fans worldwide.

After announcing her split from her husband of three years, Simon Konecki, back in April, many fans might have expected the 31-year-old to spend her time working on releasing one of her signature emotional ballads.

But it turns out that the mum-of-one has actually been focusing on sculpting her body.

The A-list hitmaker stepped out earlier this week to join the Spice Girls on their tour and displayed her new svelte figure.

‘Adele has been out enjoying herself and she sees that as her priority at the moment, along with being a mum to Angelo,’ a source told the Sun.

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This is 31…thank fucking god 💀 30 tried me so hard but I’m owning it and trying my hardest to lean in to it all. No matter how long we’re here for life is constant and complicated at times. I’ve changed drastically in the last couple years and I’m still changing and that’s okay. 31 is going to be a big ol’ year and I’m going to spend it all on myself. For the first time in a decade I’m ready to feel the world around me and look up for once. Be kind to yourself people we’re only human, go slow, put your phone down and laugh out loud at every opportunity. Learning to REALLY truly love yourself is it, and I’ve only just realized that that is more than enough. I’ll learn to love you lot eventually 😂 Bunch of fucking savages, 30 will be a drum n bass record to spite you. Chin up eh ❤️

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‘She has been loving her new workout regime and it really works for her.

‘It’s a bonus that she has shifted some weight. Her mates are glad she’s letting loose and there’s nothing but good feelings towards her. She’s got a new lease of life.’

So how has the star actually achieved her transformation? We investigate…

Speaking to Vogue in 2016, Adele admitted that it’s been a very deliberate shift in attitude. ‘I was trying to get some stamina for my tour, so I lost a bit of weight,’ she explained. ‘Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes—which is a really big problem for me!’

Adele weight loss tips

Reformer Pilates

adele weight loss

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According to the Sun, the Hello singer has taken up reformer pilates to get strengthen her body, which has resulted in her most recent weight loss.

To encourage her pilates sessions, the musician also goes along to classes with close friend Ayda Field, X Factor judge and wife of singer Robbie Williams.

Reformer pilates involves doing pilates moves on special machines and is said to improve posture, flexibility and balance, as well as being great for weight loss.

The mum-of-one has even managed to lose more than a stone in weight from her most recent fitness regime.

Eating Sirtfoods

adele weight loss

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A report from the Daily Mail claimed that Adele’s been following the Sirtfood Diet plan, which focuses on foods that are high in ‘sirtuin activators’ – a quality which is said to suppress appetite and help to regulate the way in which our bodies process fat and sugar.

In line with the diet, which was recommended by the personal trainer who devised her fitness plan, Pete Geracimo, she’ll have been feasting on foods like kale, buckwheat, cocoa powder and turmeric, and drinking plenty of green tea. However, fortunately for both Adele and those trying to emulate her results, the Sirtfood Diet also includes cheese and red wine…

Gym sessions

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You’ll have just read the mention of a PT above, and while Adele has clearly been working hard, you’ll be pleased to hear that, just like us, sometimes her attitude is less than enthusiastic.

Describing her gym sessions, the star previously told Rolling Stone magazine; ‘I mainly moan. I’m not, like, skipping to the f****** gym. I don’t enjoy it. I do like doing weights. I don’t like looking in the mirror.’

She’s even taken to her Instagram account to share a behind the scenes snap of her pumping iron with her 31.8 million followers.

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Toronto, ON / Oct 4

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The North London singer previously explained how heavy lifting can be damaging to her complexion; ‘Blood vessels burst on my face really easily, so I’m so conscious when I’m lifting weights not to let them burst in my face. And if I don’t tour, you’ll catch me back down at the Chinese.’

A girl after our own hearts!

Cutting out tea

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Not only has she been hitting the gym and eating well, Adele has also been spilling the beans on the other causes of her weight loss – cutting out some of her previously loved vices. She revealed to The Sun that she has given up tea, cigarettes and alcohol.

‘I used to drink ten cups a day with two sugars in each so I was on 20 sugars a day. Now I don’t drink it and I have more energy than ever’ she said.

Focusing on health and happiness

adele weight loss

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Despite Adele’s new health kick, we love that her life mantra has always been about happiness first and looks second.

She’s renowned for speaking her mind and has previously been touted as a body positive role model, commenting: ‘I think no matter what you look like, the key is to first of all be happy with yourself. And then you know if you want to try to improve things that you don’t like about yourself, then do it after you appreciate yourself.’

We couldn’t agree more!