‘An insect bite gave me cellulitis’

I went to a barbecue, and got an insect bite on my ankle while I was walking through the long grass. I’m slightly allergic to insect bites, so I wasn’t too worried when the area around the bite started swelling up. A few days later, though, I started to feel a little bit under the weather and, even though I’d been rubbing an antihistamine cream into the bite, it was still swelling up. Then I noticed my calf had also started to swell up and was turning red. After another day, my leg was really swollen and I could barely put any weight on it. So I went to visit my doctor. He told me I had cellulitis, which you get when a particular bacteria infects the tissue in your body. He gave me antibiotics and told me to keep my leg elevated. I arranged two pillows at the end of my bed to rest my leg on while I slept. I expected the swelling to start going down quickly, after taking my first dose of antibiotics. But it went down incredibly slowly, and had only just gone back to normal when I took the last of my antibiotics a week later.

Mary Kumar, 36, is a housewife from Powys, North Wales

Apester Lazyload