‘An op cured my nasal polyps’

Living with nasal polyps

Nasal polyps are one of those things that aren’t dangerous or life-threatening, just very annoying! From the age of about 16, I felt like I had a blocked nose. I’ve got a slightly wonky nose anyway, so I put it down to that for years. But when I got to my late 20s, I was fed up with the feeling and went to my GP. He referred me to a specialist, who examined me and found the nasal polyps. There were a few of them, quite high up in my nose towards my eyes. No wonder I’d been feeling like I had a blocked nose!

I had to wait a year for the operation to remove them on the NHS and, in the meantime, my doctor gave me a spray to use. It calmed the polyps down, so that I didn’t feel the need to blow my nose so often (that’s one of the things that makes it worse). The operation was done under a general anaesthetic, and I was in hospital for two days. Afterwards, I didn’t notice an immediate improvement. But it did happen gradually.

I feel about 60% better than I did before the operation, now. I’ve been told the polyps might grow back but, in the meantime, it’s just such a relief not to have a constantly blocked nose!
Rhiannon Todd, 35, Birkenhead

Apester Lazyload