Angelina loses aunt to breast cancer

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie’s auntie has lost her battle with breast cancer, less than 2 weeks after Angelina announced she’d undergone a preventative double mastectomy.

Debbie Martin, who was 61, was the younger sister of Angelina’s mother, Marcheline (pictured below), who tragically lost her own battle with ovarian cancer 6 years ago. 

Debbie’s husband, Ron, confirmed that his wife had lost her battle to breast cancer on the 27th May 2013. He also confirmed that she too had the same defective BRCA1 gene which Jolie has inherited, although unfortunately they were not aware that she carried the gene until after her diagnosis in 2004.

It’s amazing to think that Angelina has had the chance to cut her cancer risk after finding out that she inherited the faulty gene that killed both her mother and auntie.

The actress has spoken of being inspired to have the preventative operation because of losing her mother to cancer in 2007.

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