Bad hair day: Hair tutorial video goes very wrong…

If you’re having a bad hair day, watching this video will make you feel much, much better.

Poor little Tori Locklear, 13, dreamt of becoming a successful beauty video blogger, but an unfortunate accident with a hair curler has got her more attention than she could ever have imagined, for all the wrong reasons!

Tori was filming a hair curling tutorial for her YouTube channel, when an unexpected heat surge in her curling wand caused the lock of hair she was curling to burn off completely!

We weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry when we saw the look of horror on her face when she sees her burnt hair attached to the curler. Either way, the video has been a huge hit and has had over 19 million hits on YouTube. Plus, Tori was invited onto America’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she had a laugh about the video and showed that her hair is slowly but surely, growing back.

You can watch Tori’s hair tutorial disaster below.

Do you have any funny bad hair day stories? Let us know in our comments section below.

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