The best hangover cure revealed: We test all the remedies!

Looking for a tried and tested hangover cure that will make you feel better fast?

Look no further.

It’s the morning after the night before and you feel terrible, we’ve all been there! All you want is to get back to normal, as quickly as possible. Good job then that we’ve roadtested the most popular hangover cures, so you can find something to help you feel like yourself again.

Here’s what works to sort that thumping head, settle a sicky stomach and put last night’s spring back in to your step…

Hangover cure: Berocca

A tablet packed with essential vitamins and minerals that you dissolve in a glass of water.

Tester: Lifestyle Writer Eleanor Jones
The night before: A wedding with free-flowing champagne. And tequila. Ouch.
The morning after: Consumed fizzing orange Berocca on an HOUR LONG rail replacement bus, which was not my finest hour.
The verdict: I imagine on a lesser nightmare it would make a dent, but in this instance I still needed a serious amount of carbs before I felt human
again. 4/10

Hangover cure: Pear juice

220ml fresh pear juice, or eating a couple of pears, before a night out can apparently help stave off the effects of alcohol the next day. Really?

Tester:Deputy Food Ed Sophie Austen-Smith.
The night before: Three glasses of prosecco and a large glass of red wine.
The morning after: Achy head and oh-so tired.
The verdict: Pure, fresh pear juice is hard to find and it didn’t really help my hangover. I’ll stick to the Alka-Seltzer. 4/10

Hangover cure: Fry up

The biggest plate you can find in your kitchen cupboard, piled high with fried goods such as egg, mushrooms, beans, hash browns and toast. Eat the morning after the night before and finish the lot.

Tester: Digital Content Editor Jessica Dady
The night before: One glass of white wine with dinner and three vodka lemonades to get the party started.
The morning after: Fragile and hungry – SO hungry.
The verdict: It kept the hangover at bay for about an hour or two after eating but then it was back to the drawing board raiding the fridge for more carbs and sweet treats. But any excuse to eat a full English and not feel guilty is okay by me. 5/10

Hangover cure: Coffee… and more coffee!

Drag yourself to the kettle. Make a mug of instant coffee and down it in one. Repeat.

Tester: Associate Editor Sarah Allard.
The night before: Two glasses of prosecco and countless gin and tonics.
The morning after What’s that thumping sound? Oh, it’s in my head.
The verdict: Great for that initial burst of energy first thing, but the buzz wears off too quickly. Maybe if it was administered through an IV drip, I’d be OK… 5/10

Hangover cure: Electrolyte drink

Sports drinks are great for maintaining the body’s balance of electrolytes after dehydration when you’re exercising, so applying the same theory to rehydrate your thirsty cells after a night on the booze should work… right? My weapon of choice: Lucozade.

Tester: Social Media Editor Becky Coyne
The night before: A couple (ok, more than a couple) of glasses of white wine and Prosecco.
The morning after: A slightly woozy ‘wine head.’
The verdict: The Lucozade took an edge off things, and gave me a nice burst of energy before doing a 10k walk (not my usual Sunday), but paracetamol will still be my go-to in future. 6/10

Hangover cure: Late night kebab

Experts suggest a chicken shish – the meat helps restore the liver’s amino acids and the salad provides vitamins. But, if I’m having a kebab at 2am, it’s got to be a doner.

Tester: Features Writer Anna Matheson.
The night before: Cocktails, then wine with dinner and two (OK, four!) G&Ts.
The morning after: The room was still spinning when I got out of bed and I felt more than a little unsteady on my feet.
The verdict: I was a little queasy and needed a shower to feel less greasy, but I’d have felt worse if I’d gone to bed on an empty stomach. 6/10

Hangover cure: A banana breakfast

Bananas are gentle on the stomach when you’re feeling delicate and they’ll help replace vital electrolytes and potassium lost while out on the lash.

Tester: Assistant Editor Steph Lowe.
The night before: Two glasses of white wine, two G&Ts and a tequila shot.
The morning after:Banging headache, mouth like a sandy flip-flop and unsettled stomach.
The verdict: Twenty minutes after eating the banana and downing a glass of water, I felt more human. Cheap, easy, effective.

Hangover cure: Irn Bru

Packed with sugar, caffeine and iron, the Scots’ national drink is best drunk from a glass bottle alongside a greasy brekkie.

Tester: Assistant Editor Carrie Mitchell.
The night before: Half a bottle of prosecco, four large G&Ts, and one whisky… I was in Edinburgh on a hen do!
The morning after: Pounding head, trembles and a dose of hangover blues.
The verdict: A full Scottish breakfast and a bottle of the fizzy stuff and I was back on the wine by 7pm! 8/10

Hangover cure: Paracetamol and water BEFORE bed

Two tablets washed down with a pint of water tackles the headache and the dehydration before they’ve even started.

Tester: Designer Christina Gubbins.
The night before: Two mojitos and half a bottle of red wine.
The morning after: Slightly groggy, but not as bad as my hangovers usually are.
The verdict: I’ve tried many so-called hangover ‘cures’ and nothing works as well as this. It’s my new failsafe solution when I’ve been out on the booze. 9/10

What are your fail-safe hangover cures? Tell us below…