How to find the best jeans for your shape

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  • Every woman needs a great pair of jeans. The sort that you can just throw on, go with anything and really flatter your figure, but quite often it's easier said than done.

    Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a tough task, so we’ve sorted through the rails of new jeans to find the best pair of jeans for your figure, whether you have big thighs, a big tummy, you’re pregnant or you want jeans that lift your bum. Find your perfect pair below, depending on what you’re looking to cover up, or show off.

    Style tips for wearing jeans if you have a big bum

    If you’ve got a bigger behind, a well-fitted pair of jeans can be your best friend. Jeans are excellent at minimising a big bottom and giving it a more defined shape.

    • Beware of the boyfriend jean – it might look like a comfy solution to hiding an ample behind but the wrong cut can make your bum look bigger than it really is. If you want to wear that style choose a boyfriend type jean that’s fitted around the waist and bottom but looser around the legs.
    • Wear good underwear – magic knickers aren’t just for wearing under sexy dresses they’re great for wearing under your basics too and can make you look like you’ve dropped a pound or two.
    • Buy the right belt. Too often women think that pulling a belt tight or wearing one that’s not quite big enough will make them look leaner, but that’s not the case. It will squeeze your waist so that your bottom actually looks larger.
    • Once you have the right jeans don’t feel you have to cover up in a long top. Choose fitted tops that stop just around your hip bones or higher.
    • Choose your jean colour well – dark blues and black are always more flattering than lighter colours.
    • Always go for jeans that have plain, large pockets on the bottom, never go for jeans that have lots of elaborate or detailed pockets on the bum, they just draw attention to it!

    Style tips for wearing jeans if you have big hips and thighs

    Choose your denim carefully because large hips and big thighs can look even bigger in a badly cut pair of jeans.

    • Boot cut jeans are brilliant hip-minimising jeans and they can make legs look longer.
    • The length of the top you wear can make a difference. If the top ends at the widest part of your hips or thighs then it will make them look bigger. Choose tops that end just below the widest part of your hips, that stop at the waist or stop just above the top of the hip bone.
    • Don’t be scared of flared jeans but be careful of how flared they are. Really wide flares can make you look dumpy.
    • If you love belts wear a wide belt around your waist to draw attention to it, but not around the hips as it can make your hips look much bigger.
    • Watch out for jeans that have lots of pockets and studs and details around the hips and thigh as they can make you look wider than you are. However, jeans that have darker areas around the hips and thighs can make you look slimmer.

    Style tips on how to disguise a big tummy with jeans

    Just because you’ve got big tum it doesn’t mean you have to avoid fitted clothes like jeans. The right jeans can pull a big tummy in and create more of an hourglass figure.

    • High waisted jeans will cover your tummy and prevent a muffin top.
    • Avoid low rise jeans even if they look really big – this is just an illusion because of the cut of the jeans.
    • Look for jeans that have simple pockets and a zip fly at the front.
    • Jeans that have lots of detailing and pockets at the front or a row of buttons rather than a zip will add bulk to your tummy.
    • Invest in a pair of jeans that are very stretchy, they’ll pull you in and smooth out your silhouette.
    • Go for bootcut or slightly flared jeans, they’ll balance out your shape.
    • Choose fitted or tailored tops. Structured shirts are a great way to minimise a belly, especially if they have pinstripes.

    Style tips on how to avoid the ‘muffin top’ in jeans

    Jeans are one of the worst offenders for giving you a muffin top (that spare tyre that spills over the top of your waistband). This is mainly because the fashion for low-cut jeans is so popular and also because for many of us, when we’ve put on weight, the last thing we want to buy in a bigger size are our favourite jeans.

    • A thin waistband is not your friend! It can cut into you and give you a muffin top, so choose jeans with a thick waistband.
    • Avoid low-rise jeans, they’ll give you an instant muffin top. Buy high-waisted jeans or if you really want to wear low-rise jeans, wear tummy-firming knickers and a fitted top.
    • The biggest culprit in causing the muffin top is buying the wrong size, not eating too many muffins. There’s no shame in buying a bigger size, the irony is that you’ll actually look slimmer.
    • Beware of wide flare jeans, they’ll accentuate where your body goes in and out and highlight your muffin top. But slightly flared jeans are fine.
    • Buy jeans where the cut is not too tight around the thighs – this will accentuate a muffin top.
    • Wear a wide belt but don’t pull it too tight. And with the right fitting jeans you can wear it around your hips or waist and it’ll knock pounds off you.

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    Style tips on how to wear jeans that lift and fill-out your bum

    You might find that once you’ve had a baby or as you’ve got older your bottom has headed south, which means that your once beloved jeans now look saggy. Or that you’ve never had much of a bottom and you’d love a few more curves. Well, don’t worry because denim is great at re-shaping the body and giving you the figure you’ve always wanted – as long as you get the cut right.

    • You’ll look great in tight-fitting styles, baggy styles will swamp your figure.
    • Choose skinny jeans and jeggings (a cross between leggings and jeans). They’ll sculpt your figure and lift any saggy areas.
    • Go for lots of detail on the bum and hips, diamante, embroidery and lots of pocket details. They’ll make your bum look fuller.
    • Low-rise styles are great for you, they’ll lift your bottom and make it look fuller.
    • Pale colours are also great on ladies with no bum as they’ll give you a more rounded shape.

    Style tips for looking good in maternity jeans

    Maternity jeans have come a long way over the last couple of years. Shops and designers have realised that pregnant women want to be comfortable and look good so there are loads of great maternity jeans in the shops that even your non-pregnant friends will be jealous of!

    • It might not strike you as obvious but if you find a pair of maternity jeans that you really love buy a couple of pairs in different sizes (going up) to last you for the duration of your pregnancy.
    • Be careful with cropped jeans. If you’re tall they’re fine but if you’re short and heavily pregnant, cropped jeans can make you look wider and shorter.
    • Be prepared to shop around for your new maternity jeans. There are lots of different styles out there now and you don’t have to choose the ones with the big stretchy panel.
    • Never think that it’s a good idea to wear your old jeans secured with a stretchy hair band (so the jeans fit around your growing belly). Apart from the fact that you deserve a lovely new pair of maternity jeans, your old jeans will become uncomfortable and look odd.
    • We all need jeans that stretch a little and when you’re pregnant it’s good to look for jeans that have Lycra or elastane in them and not just in the stretchy panel around the waist, because your hips, thighs, bottom and even calves could get bigger.
    • Remember the rules of balance and proportion. If you’re wearing a big, floaty maternity top keep your jeans fitted otherwise you’ll look much bigger than you really are.