Prosecco gifts: 22 amazing ideas for the bubbly lover in your life

Prosecco, prosecco, the wonderful stuff.

If you know somebody (yes, it can be yourself) who absolutely loves their bubbles, and won’t stop at just having it out of a glass, then this ultimate round up of prosecco gifts is exactly what you need.

From personalised coasters to prosecco jam and even bubbly-themed lip balm, there’s bound to be something in here for your favourite prosecco fanatic!

1. Prosecco pong, £13.99

Image: The Little Christmas Shop
Obviously drinking prosecco is a fun enough activity by itself, but when you really want to up the ante, prosecco pong is the game you need in your life. Complete with 12 glasses and the all-important ball, this will keep the party going all night. The only problem is that it’s not available until mid-October, but you can place your pre-orders now….

2. Prosecco tea, £1.89

Image: Aldi
Brewing your prosecco might not be the usual way to serve the tipple, but this winter treat is alcohol and caffeine free – all you get is its refreshing flavour! It’s currently only available in stores at Aldi, and has sold out online, so it must be good! We’re headed to check the stock levels in store…

3. Emergency prosecco and nibbles kit, £14.95

A must-have for every handbag. Prosecco is an essential in any first-aid kit, so make sure they’re not caught without a mini bottle and the obligatory cheesy nibbles!

4. Personalised prosecco coaster, £6

Having a personalised coaster will make their bubbly that much more delicious, and it’ll make sure everyone else keeps their hands OFF!

5. ‘Come in if you have prosecco’ doormat, £24.99

Image: Etsy
Help your recipient to prioritise their guests and recognise those who are truly on the same page as them…

6. ‘All you need’ print, £14.99

Life’s priorities written out on a pretty blue canvas to hang wherever they want – what could be better?

7. Running prosecco tank top, £21

Image: Etsy
For those people who always feel guilty after a glass or four, and have to run a mile before returning to the sofa with a freshly chilled bottle.

8. Wine and prosecco caddy, £37

Image: Etsy
Easy bottle-shuffling from the kitchen counter to the couch – and even though it’s a little more pricey, it carries up to four bottles! Sounds like a perfect workout to us.

9. ‘Prosecco made me do it’ spoon, £11

Image: Etsy
Keep the bubbles inside and shift the blame for last night’s antics? Life is sorted.

10. Prosecco bath gift set, £19.99

Image: Amazon
Now you can fully unwind with prosecco bath salts, prosecco lip balm, prosecco soap, and a gold bath loofah to round it all off!

11. Glitter prosecco mug, £10

Image: Etsy
Another (believable) accident that just keeps on happening – perfect for those who like theirs before noon.

12. Raspberry prosecco fruit spread, £4.25

Image: Etsy
True prosecco lovers will be thrilled to find out that it can go on their morning toast, scones, cake… soon enough, every item of food will be smeared with jam. It comes in lots of different flavours, too!

13. Strawberry prosecco macarons, £16.50

Image: Etsy
The ideal prosecco gift for those who aren’t content with just drinking the divine drink – they’ll most likely polish off the entire box in one sitting!

14. Prosecco birthday card, £2.99

Image: Etsy
Cut straight to the chase on their special day, they’ll really appreciate it. Bottoms up!

15. Prosecco watercolour print, £16.50

: Etsy
You know it, they know it, now all their house guests can know it too.

16. Prosecco apron, £20

One for the ‘professional’ prosecco drinkers, who also love cooking and may or may not be prone to ‘spillages’.

17. Prosecco notebook, £8.50

If you know someone who just likes to have prosecco paraphernalia lying everywhere, then this is perfect.

18. Personalised prosecco bottle, £24.50

Keep it simple, yet special, with this personal bottle. It tastes so much better with your name on the label!

19. Mummy’s prosecco coaster, £9.25

Just to make sure the kids know not to lay their hands on it…

20. Prosecco and strawberry lip gloss, £13.99

Image: Etsy
Every time they slather it on, they’ll taste the sweet, sweet flavour of prosecco. We wonder if it’s bubbly, too?

21. Prosecco and peach lip balm, £3.50

Image: Etsy
Tasting prosecco all day long? Yes please!

22. Sparkling prosecco-flavoured gummy sweets, £6.50-£8

Image: Amazon and John Lewis
Combining our favourite things in life – sweeties and alcohol. These unfortunately aren’t alcoholic, but that won’t stop us from necking a jar!