We bet you’ve been using your fan during the heatwave all WRONG

Summer 2018 seems to have completely changed England’s climate.

We’ve gone from rainy summers with a day of 25 degrees here and there, to sweltering heat where 25 is now a cooling relief.

It’s just too hot for us boot-loving, jacket-wearing, jumper-enthusiast Brits to handle.

So with the UK’s newfound tropical climate seemingly going nowhere, we’re all looking for any type of respite possible.

Electric fans are on order, duvets are being shoved into storage and the supermarket ice cream freezers are so empty that even the value Choc Ices are gone.

But even though the whole nation is scrambling for whatever fans are left on the Homebase shelves, it actually may not even be worth it.

While electric fans do a somewhat good job of creating a breeze, if the room is hot anyway they’re essentially just moving the hot air around.

So we’ve discovered a trick that will keep your room cool enough to actually wear PJs at night. It turns out the trick to keeping your room cool with a fan is to face your fan away from you, rather than towards you.

Sounds dubious? Well, it only works if the fan is facing out of an open window. Facing the fan out of the window means that all of the hot air from inside the room is being blown outwards, leaving only cool air in your room.

And it works even better if you have a second window that you can keep open in the evenings to let the cool outside air into the room at the same time. Top this up with another fan in front of that window but facing inwards and you’ve got the makings of a breezy DIY A/C.

Facing the fan away from you will also stop your skin and eyes from drying out with the dry air being blown towards you while you sleep.

A cooler room and dewier skin? Win, win in our eyes.