‘Bladder sensitivity had a huge impact on my confidence’

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    One of the nicest things about being a grandparent is having the ability to spend time with your grandchildren and showering them with attention and your time. But what happens if bladder sensitivity stops you from doing all the things you enjoy, like taking your grandchildren to the park or the library?

    Bladder sensitivity is such a common condition that it’s likely we all know someone who’s dealing with it. Did you know that one in three women over the age of 18 suffer from bladder sensitivity? Despite this, not many women find it easy to talk about having a sensitive bladder. Instead of chatting to their GP or closest friends or family members about what they’re going through, they often keep it secret, changing their behaviour, and giving up activities like going out with their family and using public transport.

    Helen Watts, 50, is a mum of two and is now a grandma. She has been dealing with bladder sensitivity for 24 years. Here she shares her experiences with us.

    ‘My bladder issues started not too long after my youngest child was born. At first I would lose bladder control if I lifted anything heavy or coughed or laughed, but I’ve been caught out in a supermarket, in a restaurant.

    ‘Going anywhere is normally about planning. Travelling on a bus has largely become impossible, going on holiday – we would probably only go for two of three days – even working has become difficult. A trip to the library means a phone call in advance to make sure the toilets aren’t out of order.

    ‘It has had a huge impact in terms of confidence. You’re forever trying to manage it – do you smell, are your clothes clean? I couldn’t speak to family or friends about it for a long, long time.

    ‘I found the products on the market were not so accessible to me. They weren’t really available in the supermarket at the time. Had I had found the appropriate products, I think my journey would have been quite different. I think I would have been able to manage the symptoms and manage the repercussions.’

    Keen to take her take back control of her everyday life and be able to enjoy spending time with her young grandson playing in the park, Helen was eager to try out Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder.

    ‘They are a lot more discreet and are easier to wear. I can now go out and play with my grandson and wear a pair of jeans and climb on the climbing frame. There’s no worry about whether other people can see it.

    ‘I think using Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder is going to have a very positive impact in the future. I feel a lot more confident in the clothes I’m wearing and a lot more confident just being out and about.’

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