This ingenious duvet cover trick will change your life forever!

We all know the truth about how often you should wash your bedding, but actually getting around to doing it can be a right pain – especially when it comes to putting the duvet cover back on!

If you’re anything like us, you huff, puff, and end up tangled in a never-ending nightmare of muddled layers. But your struggles with the sheets might be about to change forever, thanks to this genius trick from Yuka Yoneda of design website Inhabitat.

Yuka’s technique is known as the ‘burrito’ method – but don’t worry, there’s no rice or salsa in sight! Instead, the method involves rolling the duvet and cover together in a way that’s much less stressful than the usual shove and shake. We’ve watched her video over and over again, and frankly, we can’t believe no one thought of this amazing idea sooner!

To start, lay the duvet cover (inside out) flat on the bed, and put the duvet over the top

Straighten the duvet until it lies flat over the cover, and all of the corners match up

Starting from one of the shorter ends, begin to roll the duvet and cover together

Keep rolling…

…and continue until you have one big bed ‘burrito’

When you get to the end, simply ‘pop’ the cover over the duvet


…and voila! A perfectly made bed with much less fuss.

Watch Yuka’s video to see these clever moves in action:

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