Celebrity teeth: before and after

Which celebrities have had their teeth done? We've taken a look at the pictures and found before and after photos of the celebs who've had their teeth done - from Cheryl Cole's teeth to Judy Murray's teeth and more!

Celebrity teeth: before and after

Don’t be fooled, not all famous people were born with a dazzling
celebrity smile. In fact, some celebrities have had more than a little
helping hand to get themselves those gleaming, white celebrity teeth
that they can’t stop flashing.

After all, who wants to be caught
on camera with a crooked grin? Well, unfortunately for these famous
faces, we’ve seen them before as well as after their smile makeovers –
and you won’t believe the difference a little dental work can make!
We’ve got celebrity teeth before and after pics so you can see which
celebs have had a smile makeover in order to get those pearly whites.

you know celebrities like Cheryl Cole, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and
Kylie Minogue have all had a helping hand from their dentists and
undergone a smile makeover? Flick through our gallery to see their
celebrity teeth before and after pictures.

We just knew they
couldn’t all have been born with it, and we’ve got the pics to prove it.
See what the stars have had done to their smiles to get a set of
gleaming celebrity teeth, from yellow teeth that have had a whitening,
to Tulisa’s veneers, Nicola Roberts’ brace, and many more celebrity
teeth before and after pictures that the stars hoped you’d never see.

See, those celebs really are just like us!