Cereal bars: the best and worst revealed

When your mornings are busy, grabbing a cereal bar is a quick, convenient and tasty way to have breakfast on the go. But have you ever stopped and thought, how healthy are cereal bars? Our healthy cereal bars results may surprise you!

We’ve rounded up 20 of the most popular branded cereal bars on the market, plus some popular supermarket own-brand ones, and checked them to find out exactly what’s inside, which ones are healthy and which ones are best and worst for your diet.

A cereal bar is the ideal go-to snack when you’re on a move. They’re easy to eat, not too pricey and are often seen as a healthy option when it comes to snack time. However, not all  are as healthy as you think, including some of the most popular brands out there.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know how healthy they are, have a look through our gallery of the best and worst bars and find out which ones are the most calorific. We’ve found some pretty shocking results, including a cereal bar which has over 15 grams of sugar – that’s more than a tablespoon! Not so diet-friendly if you think one teaspoon is around 4g, eh?

Cereal bars may come in all sorts of fancy packaging that makes them look as though they’re healthy, but don’t be fooled. Although lots of cereal bars contain real fruit, they can also be very high in nasties like sugar and salt.

There’s no need to cut cereal bars out completely, though, because we’ve also found some pretty healthy options too, so you can make the right choices about which cereal bars are best for a healthy breakfast on the go. We’ve ranked our options in terms of calories, but remember it’s also worth considering protein content, which helps to keep you full, and healthy fats from the inclusion of higher-calorie ingredients like nuts.

So, are cereal bars really healthy? And just how healthy is your favourite cereal bar? It’s time to find out which cereal bars are best and worst for your diet.

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