How many of these cleaning sins are YOU committing?

We’ll hold our hands up and admit it: we’re not the best at cleaning. A quick dust here, a blast of the hoover there, sure – but when it comes down to the deep cleaning, we’ve been known to cheat (or not bother at all… ) on more than a few occasions.

And it seems we’re not alone! According to new research from K√§rcher, more than 60% of Brits who work full time consider themselves too busy to clean their homes on a weekly basis, with 84% saying they only found the time to do a proper clean once a month or less.

There are also a growing number of jobs that we’ll put off doing more than others! From letting the food in the fridge go out of date to not changing your sheets as often as you should, these are 40 of the most cardinal cleaning sins.

How many are YOU committing?

1. Food stains from splattering
2. Finger marks on the mirror
3. Leaving dust on the skirting board and on the bannister
4. Toothpaste stains on the sink
5. Leaving expired food in the fridge
6. Letting dust gather on the shelves
7. Dust piling on the TV
8. Stacks of washing up in the sink
9. Coffee ring stains on the work top or coffee table
10. Leaving hair in the plug hole

11. Leaving exploded food in the microwave
12. Leaving splashes on the kitchen hob
13. Only changing your sheets once a month
14. Not wiping down the kitchen hob and its buttons
15. Letting limescale build up in your kettle
16. Not vacuuming the stairs
17. Leaving dirty washing lying about
18. Over-flowing bins
19. Food rotting in the fridge
20. Not sweeping the floor when food has fallen onto it

21. Not wiping the surfaces after you have cooked
22. Overgrown garden full of weeds
23. Storing lots of items on the stairs that have yet to be taken upstairs
24. Dog or cat hair all over the sofa
25. Giving your chopping boards a quick wipe instead of soaking them
26. Not rinsing out the sink/bath after you’ve shaved
27. Mouldy mugs
28. Letting dirt gather on the carpet
29. Letting limescale build up on your shower glass door

30. Not washing your bath mat
31. Leaving the rubbish bags by the door because they are yet to be taken out
32. Mouldy tea bags left stacked up on the side
33. Washing your towels once a month
34. Leaving stains on the carpet
35. Not covering up meat in the fridge
36. Re-using dirty trays
37. Mould in the microwave
38. Full tray of cat litter
39. Not bathing the dog
40. Not washing your tea towels

Are you guilty of letting the chores pile up, or are you a stickler for cleanliness no matter what? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

Apester Lazyload