‘Cream cleared up my ringworm fast’

Living with ringworm

My husband and I went to Thailand for our honeymoon, and it was really humid. I started to notice that I had a couple of sore patches on my bum, but I thought they were just mosquito bites that I’d scratched, so I didn’t think any more about it. Then a few days later, I went to the bar by the pool and caught sight of myself in the mirror. I had about seven red, sore-looking, flaky, round patches on my bum.

They were also really itchy. I knew they weren’t normal mosquito bites, as they seemed to have spread. The hotel doctor I spoke to told me I had ringworm. I was horrified. I thought that meant I had worms making marks on my skin. Actually, it’s a fungal infection, just like athlete’s foot. So I had to use anti-fungal cream regularly to clear it up.

I asked the doctor how I’d caught it, and apparently you can just get it from a small cut or scratch. You can also catch if from someone else, or by sharing towels. The infection was quite hard to get rid of (I had to keep washing my sheets and towels when I got home). But after a couple of weeks of using the cream, the ringworm had disappeared. Hopefully for good.

Sally Fletcher, 37, Kingswood, Bristol