Rosemary Conley’s Gi Hip & Thigh Diet

Fat attack fortnight – Day 11

1 slice toasted wholegrain bread spread with savoury sauce, e.g. tomato ketchup, brown sauce or fruity sauce, topped with 2 grilled turkey rashers and 3 grilled tomatoes

Mid-morning Power Snack
8 carrot sticks with 25g low-fat salsa

5 pieces any fresh fruit (excluding bananas) (V)

Mid-afternoon Power Snack
1/2 x 35g Rosemary Conley Low Gi Nutrition Bar (eat other half on Day 13)


Smoked salmon pasta: 1 red portion pot/80g (uncooked weight) or 1 green portion pot/176g (cooked weight) boiled pasta shapes tossed with 50g smoked salmon strips and 1 yellow portion pot/135g virtually fat free fromage frais and chopped, fresh dill, plus green salad

Activity challenge
* Walk briskly for 30 minutes
* Walk up and down stairs 4 times consecutively
* Do 3 x 8 reps of ab curls (see Day 1)

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