Susanna Reid reveals the simple secret behind her amazing weight loss

Susanna Reid has been impressing fans with her weight loss, and turns out there's a few simple secrets behind it...

The 48-year-old revealed back in September that she had lost 14 pounds, but more recently she confessed that she’s now lost a stone-and-a-half.

After fans were left wondering how the TV presenter managed to lose weight, she finally revealed the secrets behind her weight loss and turns out it’s all down to just a few very simple tricks…

So how did Susanna Reid lose weight?

No alcohol

Like many other celebrities who have been open about how they lost weight, Susanna has revealed she stopped drinking alcohol to achieve her goals.

The mum-of-three told the Express: ‘I wanted to shift some weight and as part of that I gave up drink…’

Susanna Reid weight loss

Credit: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Cut down on snacks

Having a few snacks here and there will obviously add to your calorie count each day, which could be stopping you from losing weight or even making you put on weight.

In order to lose weight, Susanna said she stopped snacking all together and also eats healthier now.

She said: ‘I’ve stopped snacking between meals and I am eating more sensibly too.’

Do what works for you

Earlier this week, Susanna made a surprising revelation during Good Morning Britain, after Piers Morgan gave her a ‘healthy’ Christmas hamper.

She confessed that she doesn’t actually workout at the moment, as she found it made her too hungry.

She said: ‘Actually I don’t do any exercise at all. I stopped going to the gym, I found it made me too hungry…

‘I’ve levelled out, I lost a stone-and-a-half and that’s enough, and I don’t go to the gym.’

While exercising is a advisable not only to lose weight but also to keep fit and healthy, it’s also important to do what works for you – and smaller changes are usually more effective than lifestyle overhauls.

Don’t be too strict

While the TV star has made some changes to her diet and lifestyle, she will also make some room to enjoy a few treats in special occasions, like Christmas.

She told the Express: ‘Christmas always throws a spanner in the works… It might come to Christmas Day and someone pours me a large glass of Bucks Fizz – or on New Year’s Eve I might fancy some vodka shots.

‘But then again I might feel like I can keep going.’

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