Your Results: The Bikini Detox or The Zone Diet

We’ve found two diets that suit all your needs but we’ll leave it up to you to decide which one you’ll choose.

The Bikini Detox Diet is one of your options. If followed correctly it should help you to shift about half a stone in two weeks and it will also boost the appearance of your skin. Great if you’re off on your holidays and need to slim in a rush. A warning though, if you’re not a big fan of lots of fruit and veg then steer clear and maybe go for the Zone Diet instead.

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The Zone Diet is the second plan that we think would be great for you, but it does take a bit of thinking about. We’ve got all the basics here so you can see if it appeals but we’d recommend you buying the full dietary guide book if you decide to give it a go.

It’s based around balancing out out ‘blocks’ of carbs, proteins and fats and getting the ratios between them all right is key. If you get it spot on, 5lbs is the estimated amount you will lose after a fortnight but the plan is also about getting healthy as well as getting slim.

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