Do you get ‘hangry’?

Are you guilty of snapping at your other half when you’re due a meal? Well, as with so many things in modern life, there’s now a word for it and that word is ‘hangry’.

Get it? Someone’s joined together hungry and angry to create this silly (but brilliant) word to describe the inexplicable rage some of us feel when it’s well past lunchtime and we haven’t even had a whiff of a sanger.

We can definitely relate to being hangry. In fact, it’s 1:43pm and we’re feeling a little hangry right now, but is it a real thing or just all in our heads?

Well ladies, a new study has revealed that being hangry is based in science! According to researchers at Ohio State University, when our blood sugar is low, we lose some of the ability to control our aggression – meaning we’re more likely to lash out over little things. And this isn’t just true of women – men see the same results!

The study tested hungry couples’ anger levels by asking them to stick pins in Voodoo dolls of their other halves based on how they felt about them at the time. In short, the hungrier they were, the more pins were poked!

So, next time you’re feeling peckish and find yourself scrapping with your partner, ask yourself this: could a bar of chocolate make it all better?

Do you get hangry? Let us know in the comments section below.

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