Fast Exercise: getting fit in 10-minutes

One of the most commonly used reasons for not exercising regularly is that we just don’t have the time in our busy lives – that’s certainly one of our top reasons anyway!

Luckily for us, there’s now a new way you can get fit, just by exercising for a maximum of ten minutes a day, three days a week.

Dr Michael Moseley (the creator of the Fast Diet, AKA the 5:2 Diet) has now come up with Fast Exercise – a way to get fit fast, and it looks easy to stick to.

Along with journalist Peta Bee, Dr Moseley’s book explains how adding HIT (High Intensity Training) exercises into your day, whether you work in an office, stay at home all day or have the opportunity to get out and about, can help you lose weight and feel revitalised.

Like any exercise regime, you are encouraged to warm up for two to five minutes before starting the activity you choose for your HIT.

Options for exercise include:

  • Cycling
  • Running outside
  • Running on a treadmill
  • Stair running
  • Cross-training
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Skipping

There’s a range of different patterns you can follow with the Fast Exercise regime, but it’s good to mix them up a little so your body doesn’t get used to the exercise.

40 seconds’ hard exercise

The lightest of the suggested routines involves 40 seconds of hard exercise (‘hard exercise’ literally means pushing yourself as hard as you can!), then the intervals at a slower pace. You will need to warm up, but will then carry out 20 seconds of hard exercise, followed by a rest at a slower pace and then another 20 seconds of hard exercise. Good activities to take up here are cycling, swimming, running or if you’re at work or home all day, try running up the stairs.

30-second sprinter

The next step up involves sprinting on a bike, running or any other hard exercise for four 30-second bursts. You’ll need to warm up and then do gentle exercise in between for three minutes this time to ensure your heart gets up to speed then slows again, giving an effective work out!

60-second workout

It’s getting much harder now! The third regime tells you to sprint for 60 seconds at a time with 90 second breaks in between. During these breaks, you will need to continue exercising, but walking instead of running is fine, for example.

Fat Burner

Designed specifically to shed the pounds rather than pushing your lungs to capacity, the Fat Burner routine uses much shorter bursts of exercise – just eight seconds at a time, followed by a 12-second rest. You’ll need to following this pattern for a maximum of five minutes then gradually build it up over time to 20 minutes.

4-minute pelter

The 4-minute pelter has no breaks – you just hammer one of the activities on full sprint for four minutes after warming up. Not for the faint-hearted!

Fast ladder

The Fast Ladder will build strength and can be used alongside any of the activity-based regimes. Choose four exercises from squats, jumping jacks, press ups, abdominal crunches, step ups on chair, tricep dips, plank, high knee running, side plank, lunges, shuttle runs and repeat each ten times, then nine times and reduce until you’re only doing each once.

Fast Exercise (Short Books, £7.99) is available from Amazon.

Would you be tempted to try Fast Exercise? Let us know below…

Apester Lazyload