‘Fibroids made my periods hell’

Living with fibroids

I was 33, and working as a primary-school teacher when my periods started to become extremely heavy. I also suffered from excruciating pain in my back and pelvis. A scan showed I had fibroids on my womb.

I was bleeding between my periods, and the pain was so bad that I’d often end up crying my eyes out. I’d regularly have to dash out of the classroom because I could feel blood running down my leg and soaking into my trousers. Skirts were a no-no, and I’d only ever wear black trousers so the leaks wouldn’t show. And because I was losing so much blood, I developed anaemia, which made me feel very faint and tired all the time.

I also found it hard to wee, because the bleeding meant my waterworks were always getting infected. After three months I couldn’t stand it any more. My doctor told me that the only permanent cure was to have a hysterectomy. It was a drastic measure, but as I’d already had three kids, Ben, 12, Thomas, 9, and Claire, 7, I decided to go for it.

I had the op in February 2003. It was a major operation, but my husband, John, 43, and the kids were a great support. Two years on, I’ve got a new job as an IT manager and I feel wonderful. I don’t regret having the hysterectomy one bit. My period pains are a distant memory.

Amanda Butler, 38, Northwich, Cheshire

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