Fizzy drinks: The best and worst revealed

Do you know which fizzy drinks are the best for your diet, and which are the worst? Find out which fizzy drink scored the highest and is the most healthy drink in our 20 best and worst round-up

Coke, Fanta, Red Bull, Dr Pepper – whichever your choice of fizzy drink, it’s safe to say they go down a treat with the kids and are a great energy-booster for when the 4 o’clock slump hits. But have you ever considered just how much damage that can of pop could be doing to your diet? And do you know which fizzy drinks contain the most calories?

Whether you like to sip on a Diet Coke, love Irn Bru or are a big fan of Lilt, not all fizzy drinks are the same when it comes to calories and sugar – in fact, it’s easy to fall into the trap of forgetting they count towards your daily calories at all!

Did you know one glass of a particular fizzy drink contains more than seven teaspoons of sugar? Seven! Or that it would take a 10-minute bike ride to burn off the worst culprit’s calories? Some fizzy drinks also contain nasty hidden extras like E-numbers, caffeine and sweeteners, which aren’t great for your health or your diet.

A new survey from Robinsons fruit squash, has found that 62% of UK adults say their children copy their drinking habits – for both healthy and unhealthy drinks – and 8% of children drink fizzy drinks every single day.

So, what are the best and worst fizzy drinks? We tried and tested 20 different fizzy drinks from the biggest brands and supermarkets to see just how good a 100ml glass really is for us. From heavy heaps of sugar to hidden sweeteners, the ones we predicted to be the best didn’t always serve us kindly on the calorie front, but we were pleasantly surprised by some of the better ones.

See how your choice of drink faired on our ratings from the worst to the best, so that next time you’re in the supermarket or the corner shop, you’ll know which drinks to avoid if you’re on a diet, and which aren’t so bad…