Gogglebox’s Tapper family lose several stone between them after diabetes diagnosis and online trolling

Gogglebox’s Tapper family have overhauled their lifestyles and lost a significant amount of weight after facing a diabetes diagnosis and comments from online trolls.

Dad Jonathan, 50, was diagnosed with diabetes 18 months ago, whilst daughter Amy, 17, has been sent cruel messages about her weight since the family started appearing on the hit Channel 4 reality show.

However, after teaming up with Lloyds Pharmacy for a series of health checks, the Tappers have changed their ways and say that they are now feeling much happier and healthier, having shed several stone collectively.

Mum Nicki, 44, who has battled breast cancer in the past, said of their new approach: ‘I’ve always cooked from scratch for the family and try to encourage them to be healthy.

‘Now with Jonathan’s diabetes, I am trying to reduce his carbs. We will still have rice, potatoes and pasta but in smaller portions. We are now all going for walks together as a family.’

Jonathan, whose results showed that his BMI had reached 38.3 and that his cholesterol and blood pressure were high, added that his job as a chauffeur had made it difficult for him to plan nutritious meals.

‘Being a driver, I’ve got used to grabbing food on the go,’ he explained to Mail Online. ‘Now, I try to opt for healthy choices like salads or boiled eggs as snacks.’

‘I plan to sign up to the gym, but even from just making some small changes I’ve lost half a stone.’

Josh, 19, found that his tests showed that he was at a healthy weight, but said that he’d cut out junk food like crisps and upped his gym routine: ‘I do a mixture of cardio and weights at the gym, I used to go once a week but now I train most days.’

Trainee hairdresser Amy, meanwhile, has lost an incredible two stone by making ‘positive lifestyle changes’, including eating more protein.

‘I’m always on my feet in my job,’ she said. ‘I’ve got a step tracker to make sure I’m getting in 10,000 steps a day.’