Mermaid scales make-up tutorial

Bored of the same old Halloween costumes? Try something new this year with our easy but instantly effective mermaid scales make-up tutorial!

This Halloween make-up idea is a quick and simple look that takes just 30 seconds and two basic products to apply, but looks like you’ve spent hours perfecting your glimmer and gills – and if nothing else, it’s going to be the most creative use for fishnet tights you’ll have seen in quite some time…

You will need…

  • An aqua creme eyeshadow
  • A dark grey or blue powder eyeshadow with shimmer
  • A pair of fishnet tights (trust us!)
  • Two small make-up brushes – one for each colour eyeshadow

How to create mermaid scales Halloween make-up

  • Start by applying your normal face of make-up, if you wish – we’ve applied a neutral base of foundation and concealer and some winged eyeliner
  • Use a small brush to apply aqua creme eyeshadow to the areas that you want to have scales (we chose cheekbone and temple, but you can extend this as far as you wish)
  • Pull the fishnet tights over the chosen areas
  • Using another small brush, apply the darker eyeshadow over the top of the same areas
  • Remove the tights, taking care not to smudge all of your hard work!

And ta-da! Ariel, eat your heart out.

Tip: For a spookier mermaid style, apply a purple eyeshadow instead of the light aqua, and add dramatic lashes and lips to complete the face!

Have you recreated our mermaid scales make-up tutorial? Leave us a picture of your work in the comments below!

Products used in this video: Superdrug creme eyeshadow in Aqua, Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Eyeshadow Palette, Real Techniques Starter Set eye brushes, EcoTools make up brushes, Primark Fashion fishnet tights