Blisters – advice and treatment

We all love our shoes, whether they’re towering heels, comfy pumps or simple sandals, but with new shoes comes the terror of blisters, making it impossible to wear anything on your feet.

So how do you prevent blisters and, if you do end up getting them, what can you do to ease the pain?

Get the facts about blisters and how to prevent and treat them…

Why do we get blisters?

Blisters on your feet happen when your feet get sweaty and they then rub against the inside of your shoe or sandal.

They’re more common in warm weather and on moist skin, rather than dry skin.

What happens when I get a blister?

To try to protect your skin when it’s being rubbed, fluid fills the space between layers of skin and eventually swells up like a small balloon. If the blister isn’t irritated further, the fluid i usually absorbed back into the skin after 3-7 days.

Should I pop them?

Definitely not! Although it might be satisfying, by popping your blister you are leaving it open to infection. The skin over the top of the fluid is acting as a natural barrier.

If your blister pops of its own accord, keep an eye on it and make sure there’s no redness round the edges or yellow liquid.

If it does pop, you should cover up your blister with a sterile dressing or a small plaster until it heals, so that it doesn’t get infected

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