Home remedies for colds

These home remedies for colds are all natural and ideal for beating that winter bug. From eucalyptus oil to eating raw onions, we've got lots of home remedies for you to try

Blocked up nose making you miserable? Instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet to find the best cure for the common cold, try our selection of natural home remedies to treat your flu and cold instead.

Whether it’s that time of year when temperatures are decreasing and colds are on the rise, or you’ve been unlucky enough to catch a summer cold, you’ll be wondering what the best cure for cold and flu is so you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

We all know that the best remedy for a cold is just a couple of days bed rest and drinking plenty of fluids, but having a day off just isn’t an option when you have a busy schedule and children to look after.

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Especially when you’re only feeling a little under the weather and don’t want to resort to medication or a trip to the doctors just to cure a cold. 
Instead of drugs, natural home remedies for colds are a great defence against germs going around in the office, on public transport or in the playground and to keep you protected through the winter months.

Cold remedy – You CAN try these at home

Try home-made cough syrups, home-brewed teas, plant-based remedies such as eucalyptus, spices and Echinacea root, all of which help protect you against the elements and strengthen your immune system, without relying on the pharmacy.

One of our favourite tips is to try a steam bath to clear your throat and nasal passages – like a spa treatment to get rid of our colds, which sounds like the best remedy to us!

So if you’re keen to try a natural alternative to get rid of a cold, before knocking back cold tablets or cough syrup, then there are a whole host of home remedies for colds that you can try out…