Watch Joe Wicks kids PE workout: Where and how to watch The Body Coach’s PE sessions for children

Millions have already tuned in!
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  • Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach, is doing his bit to help the nation's children stay fit during this strange and uncertain time.

    Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, has been known in the past for his Lean in 15 recipes (Joe Wicks’ chicken pie and turkey burger are two of our favourites) and weight loss plans. Now, the father of two is on a mission to ensure that kids across the world keep fit, healthy and happy with a new series of online kids workouts.

    Due to the new social distancing and self-isolation measures we are all taking in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many of our little ones are still at home because schools were closed, and are spending the best part of the day inside. As a result, many are missing out on their daily exercise – either walking to or from school, running around with friends at lunch time, or their regular P.E class.

    For The Body Coach, home workouts have long been a staple of his fitness plans. So he won’t be letting social distancing and isolation get in the way of kids keeping up some vital exercise!

    Exercise has been proven to be important for building a healthy immune system and maintaining our mental health, so while it’s a little harder to achieve right now, it’s more important than ever to stay active.

    “Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic,” says Joe.

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    Joe announced last week that he will be conducting daily fitness sessions for little’uns during this period of social distancing. He shared on his Instagram: ‘Every week day next week starting Monday I will be hosting a LIVE workout for kids on my YouTube channel at 9am. It’s going to be fun and energising and will leave you and your kids with a big smile on your faces 😀’. Today marked the very first live P.E workout with Joe, and it appears to have been a roaring success.

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    Families all over the UK and worldwide have shared pictures and videos of themselves following along with the workout – with Joe himself revealing that 806,000 households tuned in for the first video. So if you want to join in tomorrow, how can you find the workouts and get you – and your kids – exercising along with Joe?

    Where to watch Joe Wicks’ kids P.E workout

    Joe will be streaming the PE workouts live every weekday morning at 9am, from his official YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV.

    You can find them HERE, under the P.E with Joe section of his channel – or simply search for The Body Coach TV in the YouTube search bar.

    Joe’s daily workouts will remain on his channel too, so even if you miss the live stream at 9am, you can still complete the video later on in the day.

    How long are Joe Wicks’ kids P.E workouts?

    The first Joe Wicks P.E workout was around half an hour , so it’s likely that the rest will be around a similar duration.

    Why not get your kids doing them before you settle down for some home-schooling?

    What sort of exercises will you be doing with Joe Wicks’ P.E workouts?

    The Joe Wicks kids workout sessions are fun and simple, so that children can easily follow along – with moves that aren’t technically confusing but will provide a brilliant workout for your kids.

    In his first P.E video, Joe did things like star jumps, air punches, kangaroo jumps, and high-knee running.

    The workouts are ideal for kids but fantastic for adults to join in with as well. After all, we might want to get a bit of exercise in during this time of isolation too!

    Best Joe Wicks P.E workouts

    With the most recent news that Joe Wicks is cancelling many of his famous online workouts, what better time than now to reminisce about the weeks gone by?

    Recently, Joe has been joined by his adorable two children (Indie and Marley) during the workouts. This video from Friday June 12 shows multi-tasking to a whole new level, as Joe squats with his youngest in his arms and toddler, Indie joins for a run around. Oh and as it’s Fancy Dress Friday, Joe’s dressed as kangaroo!

    In early May, Joe broke his arm while out and about on his bike. After surgery, he realised that he wouldn’t be able to take the following day’s HIIT workout class. So as Joe puts it, “in sickness and in health” his wife, Rosie joined him for the session to help demonstrate.

    A workout special! In April, Joe kicked off one Monday morning with something a little different. This Workout Wheel of Fortune was used by “Joe Twix” – the game show host – dressed in a full suit, to decide on the workouts everyone would be doing that day.

    Another special feature! At the end of April, Joe used a coin-toss to decide what workouts everyone would be doing in the session that morning. He also spoke about wanting to “do as much as [he] can” to help get people up and moving during the lockdown, announcing that he’d filmed more of his Joe Wicks workout for seniors.

    The first ever Joe Wicks kids workout workout! The very first video of the series has now racked up over six million views and since the video first launched, Joe has launched into the spotlight of media attention. He’s been offered a book deal and fans have even been calling for him to knighted, since he’s raised well over £200,000 for the NHS.

    Great work Joe!