Migraine relief advice video

Dr Catherine Hood gives her tops tips on how to get relief from a migraine and how to avoid getting them in the sun.

Catherine says: ‘For people who suffer from migraines, summer can be a nightmare. Hot, humid days and exposure to large changes in temperature such as going in and out of air-conditioned buildings are all big migraine triggers.’

So what do you do if a summer migraine hits?

Here are some tips for the summer, and any time of year:

  • Take painkillers: Many people treat their initial migraine symptoms with painkillers bought from the chemist. It is important to take the painkillers quickly as during an attack, gastric stasis means that the medication can’t be absorbed as well into the blood stream.
  • Relax: Relaxation can be particularly beneficial at preventing attacks and helping to cope with the pain. 
  • Sleep: A migraine may be helped when you get a good night’s sleep. Although changing in sleep patterns, even getting too much sleep, can trigger migraines. 
  • Eat regularly: There is some research to suggest that blood sugar levels can play a role in our migraines. So eat regularly to keep blood sugar levels stable. You should go longer than three hours without food during the day and 12 hours over night. 
  • Ask around: Keep an eye on clinical trials and also recommendations from other sufferers. For example the 4Head QuickStrips have proved popular with some sufferers.
  • Stay cool: Finally, as sun and heat can cause your migraines, try to limit situations where being outside is unavoidable.

And remember, with an estimated one in eight people suffering from migraine, you’re not alone.

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