How to achieve the perfect work life balance

Try these easy tips to get the most from your day, every day

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Ever have one of those ‘blink and you’ve missed it’ weeks? Getting the right balance between work, home and me-time can be tricky – and everyone’s ideal mix is different. Fortunately, a few tweaks could be all it takes for better work life balance.

Ring-fence free time

Saying yes is easy – yes, I’ll take on the extra project, or yes, I’ll help out with childcare – it’s saying ‘no’ that’s hard. But it’s essential to be realistic about what’s being asked of you, how much time it will take and where that time will come from. If you’re constantly playing catch-up because you’re helping other people out or are missing out on family time, it’s time to practise saying no. Remember that by doing so, you’re actually saying yes to more of what you want, whether that’s quality time with the kids or time for yourself.


Resist distractions

You’ve finished work, the kitchen is clean – what now? If you find yourself scrolling social media, or answering work emails, it’s time to find an alternative. Instead of wasting precious minutes, put them to better use – read a few pages of the book you never seem to be able to finish, prepare lunches for the next day so the morning routine is smoother, or reflect on what you’ve achieved that day – a great way to combat any negative thoughts of not getting enough done.

Choose flexible working

Instead of trying to fit your life around work, think about fitting work around your life. A job where you can work evenings or on certain days is ideal. You’ll be able to make time for what you want, whether that’s studying, a catch-up with friends or family or a long walk. McDonald’s offers flexible working that’s designed to suit everyone’s schedule, whether you’re a busy working mum, student, returning to work after a break or looking for an ‘encore career’.

Get into good habits

Switching off after work can be as challenging as being ready and raring to go. A good tip is to always do certain things to wind down or switch yourself into work mode. For example, after work, you could put on music, light a scented candle and spend 10 minutes without using any other tech to help reset your mind.

Or to get work ready, make a cuppa and set aside time to plan out the day ahead without rushing around. It might not feel natural at first, but before you know it, your new routine will be an essential part of your day.

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