The hidden health danger in your washing machine you need to know about

A mum has warned about the hidden danger in your washing machine you really need to know about.

While it’s an appliance we use quite regularly, most of us probably don’t ever think about cleaning it.

But that’s exactly why Mel, a mum-of-two, has issued a warning about washing machines, after making a ‘disgusting’ discovery.

She first noticed her washing was coming out with a weird scent, and then she discovered that it was because that the inside of the rubber seal was full of mould.

Mel told Australian website Kidspot: ‘I had noticed my washing smelt a bit musty when I took it out of the machine but couldn’t work out what it was.

‘My ex husband asked me if I had checked the rubber seal around the machine. It’s a front loader so when the next load finished, I pulled apart the seal and it was full of brown sludge. It was so disgusting it nearly made me vomit.

‘I was horrified that I had been washing mine and my children’s clothes in mould. I had no idea you had to clean out that part of the washing machine.’

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After trying a few different methods, such as trying to remove the mould with baby wipes, she eventually managed to get rid of the smell by doing an empty load with bleach, but the mould stain hasn’t come out.

Mel added that she wanted to tell her story so that others can spot the mould sooner: ‘I wanted to tell others in case they haven’t realised you needed to clean the rubber seal out too. I wish someone told me sooner!’

How to clean your washing machine

If you’re having the same problem, there are things you can do to get clean your washing machine. Try wiping down the inner seal with a towel soaked in a 50/50 mixture of bleach and warm water (you might want to leave it inside if it’s hard to remove).

To clean the whole machine, you can run a complete cycle with two cups of vinegar (added directly to the drum) on the hottest setting. Remember to always consult your machine’s manual for instructions on how to clean your machine.

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