How to trick yourself slim

Cut the salt

Eating a salty diet can mean we carry up to three pounds of excess water so banish the salt cellar and choose reduced salt version of baked beans, bread, bacon etc. Aim for no more than 6g salt per day.

Switch your spread

Even if you only eat two slices of bread a day you can save up to 75 calories and 8g fat by simply swapping from butter or a buttery spread to a low fat one, less than 40 per cent fat. Over a year that adds up to over half a stone shed without trying.

Swap crisps for nuts

A bag of crisps and a handful of nuts both have about 185 calories, but the nuts will satisfy you longer because their high protein and fibre content is so filling. Try almonds for an all-round boost, they’re rich in energising magnesium and iron, disease-protective vitamin E and bone-building calcium.

Go for wholegrain

Swapping white pasta, bread and rice for whole grain options bumps up your intake of fibre and vitamins. It also tends to lower your blood sugar levels which can curb your appetite too.

Turn off the TV

Because you’ll end up eating more if you watch while you eat. Up to 140 calories extra during a meal according to research.

Sit up straight!

Slouching on the settee isn’t good for another reason, you may not feel
as full so quickly. Sitting up straight instead allows food to reach the
bottom area of your stomach more easily, triggering a sense of fullness

Get an early night

People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to be overweight
according to British and American research. Lack of sleep can affect the
balance of hunger and satiety hormones, so aim for 7-8 hours a night.

Eat a starter

The right starter or pre-meal snack can mean you eat significantly fewer
calories at your meal overall. Go for an apple, a large dressing-free
salad, or half a grapefruit, which could also help regulate blood sugar
levels and fat metabolism. You could lose up to half a stone in a month
by adopting this trick before every meal.